With all the advancements in computer science, engineering, AI, deep learning and robotics, all we humans are asking is “Can I fuck it?”.


Anyway. Gizmodo [insert disgruntled sigh here] had punished the article linked here.

Do BDSM Sexbots violate Asimov’s first law of robotics?

Simple answer, no. In a normal consenting setting no real/lasting harm comes to the participants.

The already practiced use of a safeword puts further power into the hands of the sub. A properly programmed AI in such a bot would also pose less risk of disregarding the safeword, like a human might.

More complicated answers, answers from people who do not understand the laws of robotics (or BDSM for that matter) can be found in the article.

The laws of robotics were drafted and worded by Asimov in such a way that they explicitly allow for loopholes, for contradictions. He explores this in numerous of his stories. The question here shouldn’t be whether BDSM Sexbots violate Asimov’s first law of robotics, but WHY ARE WE STILL USING ASIMOV’S LAWS OF ROBOTICS???

They’re flawed. They don’t need a rework, they need a full out replacement. Allowing for exceptions to certain rules/laws, closing of the old loopholes.

•Are Sexbots unethical? No.

•Are BDSM Sexbots unethical? No.

•Does the creation/existence of Sexbots objectify women? No.

•Do Sexbots cause harm? Not that I could think of. (Of course there are mentally unstable individuals out there who might take it too far, but they would take it too far with a mannequin made out of milkcartons and Play-Doh.)

•Do BDSM Sexbots cause harm? No. (See above)

So. Now that we have settled that question, can we please think of other ways to use this technology other than to fuck? Care of the sick/elderly/crippled. Construction (cylon style). Security (with certain rules imprinted on them). Space travel/exploration. Disaster relief/cleanup.

Could we use our intelligence to solve a few more pressing issues rather than whether we can build fuckable bots? Climate Change. Environment. Energy production. Pollution. Food. (Neither ditching nuclear, nor avoiding GMOs will help with those last four/five, on the fucking contrary) Water. Health. (Get vaccinated! Homeopathy isn’t real!)

Can we stop religion? EVERY RELIGION?

For the sake of the future!

Take care,