I am a white, heterosexual male.

Sidenote: I refuse to use the term “cis gender”, because it is the norm. You wouldn’t call a non handicapped person a “cis capped” person, would you?

As a kid I watched Princess Fantaghiro.

Who, surprise, surprise, is a girl/woman, who is the hero, who saves the kingdom, who saves her prince. She was tutores and guided by the white sorceress, who also posed as the white knight (the actress even was glued on a beard to make it obvious for the watcher) while teaching our heroine to fight with a sword.

As a teen I was drawn in by Deep Space Nine (DS9 for short), where the main protagonist was a black man, Commander, later Captain, Benjamin Sisko.

I also was watching (and am a huge fan of) Voyager, with Captain Catherine Janeway.

I loved the Alien movies, where the main protagonist was, as you hopefully know, a woman, Ellen Ripley.

Of course, there too 0 was classic Trek, TNG, Star Wars, Babylon 5, X-Files, MacGyver and other stuff with white male protagonists and rolemodels.

But I wanted to draw attention to the aforementioned series and movies, because they feature women and a PoC, and that I fully engaged with and idolized, ALTHOUGH I am a white, heterosexual male.


Because they did diversity right.

They didn’t set out with the goal of creating a BLACK captain, a WOMAN hero.

They set out with the most important of goals for these characters – make good characters, who happen to be [insert gender/ethnicity here].

While today’s “progressive” characters are focusing on the wrong aspect. When I see Ghostbusters 2016, new Star Wars, Discovery I get this vibe:


The BLACK HEROIC WOMAN protagonist steps into the sun and looks good while sweating


While a good introduction to the same character would be:


The protagonist steps out into the sun, the sweat beads on her forehead look like diamonds on black velvet against her dark skin.


That, coincidentally, is part of why I hate pride days/weeks/months/events. You’re proud of, and concentrating on, aspects people have no control over.It’s equal to “I’m proud to be balding!”

You are reducing people (or yourselves) to things that, if you were reduced to them by whitey, it would be sexist, racist, trans-, or homophobic. (Or hateful towards the pholically challenged, if you reduce me to my balding.)

Who’s the real bigot here?

So. How to write a great FEMALE character? A great BLACK character? A great TRANS character?

Write a great character. Period.

A great character who HAPPENS TO BE black, female, transgender, gay, or even bald (Michael Garibaldi, anyone?).

Do not focus on the “minority” aspect, but what makes yoir character great.

Note: If you write, for example, about a black woman overcoming adversity in the 1950s, disregard everything I said.

Also note: read the Expanse, or watch it, or Caprica. Being gay, or in a multi-person spanning relationship, is being treated as normal as “traditional” relationships, or heterosexuality. THAT is the right way.

Take care,