Voyager II left the solar system.

Onboard instruments detected the change in environment, which gave me pause.

If there were aliens out there, and they stumbled upon the probes we sent out, what would they do?

If they’re anything like us – we’re fucked.

Like our governments, theirs might be imposing a quarantine on us. To protect the primitive people from the outside world. If history has taught US anything, and maybe them too, then contact of a highly developed society to a less developed society usually ends bad for the less developed society.

Not always because the natives got butchered, but because the culture shock drove them into an unhealthy lifestyle (many polynesian populations are combating obesity because of the abundance of the ‘modern’ world, whilst their ancestors evolved to endure scarcity), or because the higher developed society brought on diseases the natives had no immunity to (need I say ANYTHING?).

So a quarantine might be imposed to protect US. Like on north sentinel island.

Yeah, I was going to go there eventually.

So some nutjob christian missionary had the grand fucking idea of going there, and got killed.

Good riddance!

So far, no one hedged any plans of retrieving the body, no one swore revenge.

But what if he had (or HAS?) brought some pathogen to the island he was unaware of carrying? What if some asshole had the great idea of retrieving his body?

In either case the sentinelese would be fucked.

As would we be if some fundamental religitard from space thought to himself that they need to convert the primitives of the third planet to their one true religion.

Just some food for thought. Take care,