I will post new storyparts every Monday and Thursday.
I’ll share Blurbs and Comedy irregularly on Fridays. (Christmascalendar trumps Comedy/Blurbs!)

Note on the Comedy subject: As a homework assignment, go and watch George Carlin. If you don’t like what he had to say, or how he said things, skip my comedic attempts, it’ll be sometimes similar in language, style, tone and view on the world.

Appendix to Schedule:
Once I have enough material for Rings of Fate, the schedule will be changed as follows:
Whose World on Monday and Thursday
Rings of Fate on (Sci)Friday
Blurps and Comedy on (Comedy-) Tuesday

Please Note!
Everything that I post here is relatively raw. I wrote it, and all editing that I did was to make bite sized portions of it, and leave out certain parts I want to keep for eventual commercial publication. (Most of that is NSFW, therefore I wouldn’t post it in any case)
I did not proof read, I did not edit it in any other way! In a sense you can say these stories are Beta Versions at best, if not even Alpha. So, be forgiving when it comes to slight inconsistencies, plotholes, contradictions, and worst of all BAD GRAMMAR and typo’s or spelling

The author of these pages is a 1982 born, caucasian male from central europe, born, raised and still there. My son was born on 29. June 2013, so every- and anything on this blog will have to wait for his needs to be catered to. 😉
The kids stories and “ballads” are written only because of him. 😀

There won’t be any pictures of him, nor my wife and even my own visage will scarcely be found.
No I’m not paranoid, but I don’t want my face all over the net, and his (or hers) even less.

ALL material on this blog is under my copyright, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use it, just give me credit on your page/blog/etc., there is NO fee.
However, if you would wish to use my work to gain profit of any sorts, I hereby decline any rights to you, unless a 50% profit cut is granted to me, on paper.

I can be found on twitter, or tumblr, and socially networking on google + and facebook as well as on tsÅ« or contact me below, I’m especially eager to hear from your offers concerning making some profit… XD