Good Morning, it’s 5.17 am, and because my scumbag body woke me up an hour early, I can enjoy watching a DVD.

To be more specific, an episode of a TV Show, on DVD.

The X-Files are twenty years old this year. Twenty!
But the X-Files were only possible in the early 90s. If you were to re-shoot it today , you’d get frustrated pretty soon. Mulder would be a fat, bloated guy with a beard-shade that would make Aragorn look like freshly shaved. He is online 24/7, newsgroups, MySpace / Facebook pages, youtube channels – all linking to the paranormal and aliens / UFOs. Scully would even be more cynical, since she has to repel the crazy paranoid shit he gets from the net.

They would navigate with their smart-phones, Mulder would google stuff on it and try to prove his partner wrong who can provide ten counterarguments from the top of her head, sometimes has to google it though.

You can distort the good old X-Files to modern day parameters, it is fun, go ahead, just post your imagination of X-Files 2013 (aside the fact that Mulder would be terribly disappointed that the Aliens had not attacked on 21st Dec. 2012)!
But, X-Files still gives me an intense story. Even if I twist and tear the setting to the crazy world we live in now, the stories behind the series are damn intense.

Still watching, I bid you a nice day (yeah, I lay that burden on you, just ask George Carlin).