DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!Lysol No-Touch soap dispenser. (Image from

The most senseless piece of appliances ever constructed. I get sick and tired of the advertisments for this crap in this country. It is being endorsed by health organisations, and shows kids being all clean after touching a dirty dog.


A soap that kills 99.9% of all germs, needs a dispenser you don’t need to touch? Listen, if you leave dirt, and germs, on the dispenser as you dispense some soap – YOU’RE GOING TO WASH YOUR HANDS AFTERWARDS ANYWAYS! Please dear god, throw brains from the heavens, or rocks. I don’t care which, as long as you hit something!

If you have someone whose tolerance towards virrii and germs should be lowered by 99.9% – give them this gem of human ingenuity. Once they (and their brood) have NO tolerance towards germs what so ever, due to living in a sterile environment, bring in someone with a nasty influenza and pneumonia…