Let me state right here that I DO believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. I even am going so far as to believe that there are some irregularities in our ancient past that CAN be argued away with the ancient astronaut theory.


I’m not looking at a deformed skull and scream alien.

I’m not seeing ancient monolithic structures and yell for ET to call back.

What bothers me is that many people out there contribute OUR great achievements – influenced, inspired or enabled by alien technology – to aliens.

The Pyramids were a great feat of human ingenuity. We built them. Whether we were inspired by aliens, or constructed them with the HELP of aliens or their technology is a great mystery no one will ever FULLY answer. But it is a fact that we built them.

Think of it!

If you can construct a HUGE interstellar spaceship, would you build in a way that requires an odd structure to land it upon? Or would you build a universal craft that can land on water and solid ground? Would you build it in a way that it can land on soft gras lands, muddy deltas, sand dunes and rock, or do you build a ship that REQUIRES an ODD structure?


So you can land on ANY surface.

At least solid surface.

Göbekli Tepe – why, WHY on earth would an ALIEN society build a couple of stone columns that depict weird creatures?

Would you, if you landed on an alien planet?

I wouldn’t!

I would build a knowledge hall, the universal language in the universe is the physocal appearance of atoms, thus I would communicate with these. Numerals, another universal thing. Whether you ause base 10 or 16 or or or or. There is a value equal to 42 in ANY base. Use the decimal system if you will, and communicate with that.

But animals? Come one, people!

The list goes on and on.

I do not dismiss the notion that we still are being visited by Aliens, although it is very odd that they would all converge on our little planet. But what I do recent is the idea that there are conspiracies that would involve hundreds, thousands if not millions of people.

I stumbled upon the coast-to-coast youtube video of an ancient Vimana discovered in Afghanistan. Reportedly 8 US soldiers “disappeared” when they tried to remove the thing from the time well. Western leaders (Then Sarkozy, Merkel, Obama, Putin, etc.) were rushed to the site to see it and be briefed about the thing.


Listen, as soon as there are THAT MANY PEOPLE involved – political leaders from opposing philosophies, soldiers, their superiors (the entire chain of command) in DIFFERENT ARMIES, and even more people – you can’t control the flow of information.

There would be literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people involved, someone would talk, some one would HAVE talked, at least to Wikileaks. We would’Ve seen it up and out there, spread ALL OVER THE PLACE!

There is no Vimana in a timewell in Afghanistan!

And there is NO government conspiracy to hide the existence of aliens.

Maybe, there IS a conspiracy of a small group of people who try to cover up their existence. But it won’t involve soldiers, entire armies, leaders of many different countries.

It is impossible to control the flow of information.

The conspiracy theories surrounding aliens, governments, alien technology, ancient alien theories – most of it is cooked up shit by people insecure about themselves and their lives.

I can say with some certainty that there IS life on other planets, that there is intelligent life out there, and that we might have been visited in the ancient past, and perhaps still are being visited. But not in the scale some people indicate.

By far not.

You might have noticed that I am not mentioning Pumapunku. There are several reasons for this.

ONE: I am compiling this off the top of my head.

TWO: It is an intriguing site. I have NO idea what the place was used for, or HOW it was constructed. Pumapunku is a mystery. Perhaps the ancient alien theorists are right about that one, maybe they aren’t.

Sure it is impossible to say anything definitve, and we should always keep an open mind, but some of the claims and assertions are just outright rediculous.

So, in the end of todays blurb, keep open minded, but also keep it real.

Use your common sense. If you landed on planet Frothwoth today and thought “in a few thousand stellar orbits the Frothwothians will be intelligent enough to question alien life, I’ll leave them some clues in stone!” would do animal carvings or Hydrogen, Helium….1, 2, 3, 4…?

Think, before you speculate.

Enough SciFi for one day, let us think of what ancient demon could have been burying Göbekli Tepe in order to silence the ancient gods? 😉