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World Wide Warning

An acquaintance of mine got a passive aggressive note passed to him by a stranger in the tube. A world wide warning. That the internet is evil and that you should appreciate live music, paintings in galleries and conversations in the flesh.
I have a magic device in my hands as I write these lines, that allows me to listen to obscure African metal bands I could only listen to live if I invested a ludicrous amount of money (and time) to travel to some African country or another, while chatting with people on the other side of the globe and looking at paintings from the great masters, which I – again – would have to spend ludicrous amounts of money (and time) to gain access to. Carrying on my kindle an entire library worth of books, with no added weight. All while riding the metro. Or bus. Or sitting on the toilet.
Whoever thinks that only live encounters with art and people are worthwhile must lead a pretty boring (and/or expensive) lifestyle. Heading from encounter to encounter, with vast stretches of nothing in between.
Hey Mr. In-the-flesh, take your world wide warning and take it with you in your warm filthy hipster holes. I believe I have seen more than you did.

Take off the nostalgia goggles of times before you were born, those times had their shit sides too. (Coldwar, anyone?)

Take care,

The final nail in the coffin…

You don’t? I do. Because they’re shit. They do nothing for you, they don’t create “awareness”, they just look idiotic. Note to the guys: Combat feminist. She’ll neuter you with those slings. Run!

But this “individual” (in quotation marks because I don’t want to imply this is a sane person) isn’t alone in her abuse of taste. 

Hottest trend? HOTTEST TREND?? I would refer you to a doctor to get that nasty fungus treated if you showed up with this crap in my vicinity! 

Note to the guys: desperate man trap, or (criminally) insane. Run!

The fidget spinner trend seems to die down finally. Anyone with this crap on their nails wouldn’t be able to use a spinner anyway, plus they would look a proper fool. Note to the guys: if a girl (abd it wouldn’t be a woman) had those nails – jail. Too young to be legal, or mentally handicapped to the point where her consent doesn’t count. Run!
Hope this had been informal and entertaining. 

Take care, A.

Tag, you’re it!

The need some people have to make themselves known is beyond my grasp in some cases.

I’d rather complement a Ms. Plowman or the condom snorting gal – they’re gros, they’re stupid, but at least they’re doing something original! I can understand a couple that is in love to carve their names in the bark of a tree, although I also pity the tree. It is at least nice to know, that Manuela and George were there back in ’57.

Reminds me of the graffiti found in Pompeji!

These forms of grafiti, a name or two, a date. Nice. Good to know that Cris was near that telephone pole back in July of ’91 when I was looking forward to my 9th Birthday. Has some nostalgia to it, doesn’t it? (Until you think about that if Chris was 18 back then, he’s now 40…depressing)

There are graffiti’s without content, without any artistic touch to it, but still I compliment them and hope the graffitti stays forever.
Because I’m puzzled at how these fuckers got to the rooftop of the neighboring building, didn’t fall off and still smeared their shit on the wall!!

There is graffitti that tells a story, while alsow spelling out a motto or a name, this is wonderful, wonderful art! If it ain’t meeting your taste, it still requires skill, and thus it is art of some sort.

But then there are the cretins who must leave their Logofeces all over the place. Not done in any artistic fashion, not done at a wonderfully perilous location, not containing any meaning.
No, just their stupid, ugly, meaningless Tags.

Like the people (or cretins as I see them) smearing “We’R” or “We’re” everywhere. Or the swiss champion of rubbish “Puber”. The later having trouble with his age AND education, as he clearly forgets to add the “ty” at the end of his tag.
If you are inapt of doing art, incapable of scaling structures like spiderman, and too dim witted to write a meaningful sentence – don’t just smear your shit everywhere. Smear your name and a date somewhere and be done with it.

It’s sprayers like him who prove that we are still closer to our feces flinging ancestors, rather than a space traveling race.

Mindless tags annoy the living crap out of me. The cretins tagging these days have NO clue how the tags came to be. They were gang signs, idiots! Marking territory, if you came upon a corner with two different signs better hit the floor if you hear a car rolling down the road!

And it is people like that, who just leave their defecations everywhere who make life hard for sprayers who CAN do art, or who can shake your thoughts from the neutral zone of your head.

In conclusion I can only hope that people who just smear their logo feces all over the place get a sudden spasm that wrecks all their bones and sinews in the hands, whilst people who do art, who shake our reality awake, who defy death to do their stuff continue on unharmed, undetected and unbothered.

Make good art.