So I have to talk about the problem I have with homeopathy.


There are solutions with potentials that are equivalent to an Aspirin that has been dissolved in the Atlantic Ocean:

And you cretins expect my headache to go away from a (few) drop(s) of Atlantic Sea Water?? Fuck you!

While I would like to believe that it could be the real deal – there are not active ingredients involved. Magic works like this, energy is being transferred for one purpose or another.

But that requires an active sending party and at least one active receiver.

But there ain’t either one: There’s an odd flower, take one petal, ONLY ONE, you grind that shit up, dissolve it in one quadtrillion liters of water with alcohol and with a lot of faith the ground petal dissolvent will help you!


It’s all about the memory capability of water!


Although no empiric evidence can be presented, some people claim that water has the capability of remembering stuff. Like that hollow Austrian Tyrolian nut Grander. He has some energized water filled in a container that will be adjacent to your watersupply so the water flowing by will LEARN from the information water. They sell it for shitloads of money!

Ey, who’s to say that my water isn’t a bad influence for the information water? That my water isn’T giving the information water some bad behavior?


Now here is where my problems start to pile up.


Magical thinking, okay.


Homeopathy, still okay, even though no molecule of the original herb is anywhere to be found.


Information transfer – stop. If this would be an accurate theory – and it is a theory, much like the god crap – then this would imply that ALL the water that there is on earth, remembers. Remembers back to when this water – whether it is vapor, liquid or frozen – was PISS!

Every time it rains it is – according to this theory of a memory effect in water – RAINING PISS!

And don’t give me crap about the water remembered something else instead, like how nice it is to be spring water.

Don’t get me started.

Most of the water on earth has been more often PISS than it has been fresh spring water, so it would remember that which it had been more often – piss. Or Sea water.

Or seawater piss.

So you see, the entire “Water has Memory” theory is utter and complete bullshit.