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Ballad of the Strawberry-Shark

In mommy’s belly the baby safe and sound,
felt all too sleepy, not like moving around.

But mummy got worried that it didn’t kick,
worried so much that she almost felt sick.

Out of the blue in daddys mind an idea did spark:
“Kick mommy now, before she gets bit by the strawberry-shark!”

“Teeny tiny biting her fingers hard,
such is the threat of the strawberry shark.”

A huge smile appeared on mommy’s lips,
inside her belly, protesting kicks.

(Thats a true story BTW)

Ballad of the Muffinthief

Mum was baking muffins – sweet and soft, light as air,
moist as a spring morning; best tasting everywhere!

To cool she sat them on the workplate,
while the chocolate frosting was being made.

When with hungry gaze, a nose rose to smell,
the sitting, cooling, waiting delight – so well.

As mum didn’t watch, chance presented; no doubt,
and up rose the nose, hungry gaze and snout;

Devoured in the gorge, the muffin is amiss.
Mum was wondering where the muffin is?

But who is the sneaky muffin thief,
who ate and no trace leave?

The boy in the cradle, sleeping sound,
did not leave tracks on the ground.

Dad at work, farther still,
did not steal from the windowsill.

Mum certainly while waiting,
did not eat her own baking.

A glad smile on the lips the dog sat,
where muffin was last seen at.

I wrote this today, after my wife told me during my lunchbreak of a muffin that went missing, instead of twelve there were only eleven now. Hope you like it. 😉