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Popsong recuts (Part I)

There is a real need out there for a youtube channel which does nothing but recuts of pop songs.

Because thez’re fraking atrocious crap.

For example, Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song”, should be recut.

I starts with that obnoxious drum shit, then the guitar replaces that noise, and Bruno Mars yelps out “Today I don’t feel like doing anything!” then the guitar stops, and all you hear is footsteps walking away, followed by someone dropping himself on a couch or bed.

He said he doesn’t feel like dpoing anything! End of story. Seven-eight seonds, that is tolerable with this banshee like noise he calls a singing voice. Instead of polluting the airwaves with a few minutes worth of death screams by a slaughtered pig.

Or that earcancer causing shit “Fairytale gone bad” by sunrise avenue. It starts with the hihat and basedrum, then the “singer” starts with “This is the End.” and the song actually ends, hard cut, mid tone. He stated it himself. “THIS IS THE END.” So friggin end it right there, a solid 4 second song.
Much less earcancer cases in the world.

Play these two song in the recut version back to back and you can bring another commercial, radiostations worldwide would love this shit. Why? Because they played TWO songs, wasted quarter a minute and can cut to the next commercial.


On to the next segment…

Take care,

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 19)

“I will fall back. You will look after me, but soon continue on with the expedition, telling them of my demise.” Krajani instructed Whlana, which sat in front of her staring off into the distance. “And then?” Krajani stopped. “Nothing. Everything will continue on as if nothing else had happened.” Whlana reached to Krajanis pouch tearing out the message. “Under no circumstance intimate contact with other people!” she yelled at the eastern Albin waving the message before her eyes. “And though you think I had not noticed, I did!” she threw the message to the ground. Krajani stared at it, grinding her teeth she clenched her fists. Both of them knew that this passage was written on the grounds of the inscriptions in the jungle pyramid.

Both assumed it was a prophecy.

But neither wanted to say it. “You can’t run away from this.” Whlana sat back down. “I have analyzed you now. You always state how great our kind is, even when you know otherwise, you have no fear to brave danger, as long as you either return victorious or your attempt has no lasting effect. But as soon as you are called to responsibility, you become a coward.” still Krajani clenched fists. Releasing them slowly she assumed a tall composure. “You are right, but by sacrificing myself to the desert, both my conscience, as well as any consequences of my misdeed will be cleansed by both death and the sand.” she turned to leave, but stopped at the door as Bakir appeared there. “We have prepared your water rations.” he stated drily looking Krajani up and down. “I will be relieved to find you lush-landers out of the desert.” he turned and walked away. “As you should you sand-rat.” Krajani hissed also marching away, leaving Whlana shaking her head.

Krajani played the role she had inaugurated Whlana in from the moment the first Albin saw her. Coughing from time to time, she limped behind the group in an ill fashion. Unwilling but complying Whlana stayed with the group only returning to Krajani from time to time as the expedition returned to their comrades at the spring well. “You mustn’t do this.” Krajani continued playing her role although the others were well out of earshot. “I must, and you know it.” nodding to the caravan before them she signaled Whlana to return to the main group.

“Captain? Our leader is gone.” Whlana turned around, looking back. The warrior next to her panted heavily, he had rushed form the rear of the caravan to inform her.

Whlana squinted her eyes, glaring into the distance behind the caravan. “She told me that we have to move on.” she had to force herself to speak, not realizing she spoke very mechanically. “And not turn back to search for her.” she also mentioned their limited supply of water. The warrior also stared into the distance. “She was a hero.” he sighed pointing to the pouch Whlana carried with the root inside it before returning to his position in the caravan. Whlana waited until he was out of earshot. “She was a fool, but at least a successful one.” still having a few days to wander until reaching the spring on the pass she also returned to march on.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 18)

“We found this.” Krajani handed the glassy object to Qualam after she and Bakir had been welcomed and given a warm Albin herbal tea. Whlana was rather surprised that Krajani used the plural, she had thought to hear that only the Albin woman had found the artifact. “But neither of us could tell whether it is a root or lighting strike.” with a still surprised and satisfied expression over the tea Bakir also had to add sone words. The three of them had been escorted by Qualam to another Basin, just like in the second Basin that Whlana had visited the surface of the Basins ground was mostly ankle deep under water. They sat on a few benches on a small island in the center, the humid air was supposed to help them recover from the dehydration suffered during the sandstorm. Studying the object up close Qualam inhaled to say something, but was interrupted by a croaking Phoenix. The ethereal bird sat a few meters away in the water and looked interested to the group. It took the elderly man a few moments of staring at the animal until he realized it was not one of the birds that dwelled in Babd-ael-Drakh, nor one of the migrated ones. Slowly but playfully it hopped closer, revealing a message tied to its leg, it went straight for Whlana.

“They write that this Phoenix got restless and wanted to come here.” she reported what she read, her eyebrows formed a single dark line above her eyes. “But also that there were inscriptions in the jungle pyramid, we are to stay together, and to stay cautious.”

Whlana looked at Krajani, in her gaze was a mix of despair and confusion. “I suspect the Phoenix will know whether it is a root, or lightning strike,” Krajani took the readily handed object and held it to the Phoenix, but the bird recoiled from her, making Krajani also inch back. Only at that moment did she realize the awkward gaze in Whlanas eyes. “What troubles you?”

Silently Whlana handed over the message the Phoenix had delivered, quickly Krajani read through the writing as she had heard the message before. Her eyes stopped after a certain point.

Reading over the sentence again much more slowly. “Are they serious?” she looked to Whlana, her hands trembling, quickly the Phoenix grabbed the glassy object as it slipped from Krajanis hand.

Immediately it lit up, for a moment a flash shaped like a tree appeared for a moment. “I guess you have your answer, it is the root.” Bakir got up from his seat walking out into the water, bending over and washing his face. “You should leave now.” he glanced over his shoulder, Krajani stared at him with a mix of loathing and fear. After a sudden sigh she got up. “We will.” she crumbled up the message and put it in her pouch. “Immediately.” she stormed off, heading for the basin the other Albin were waiting at. With an equally distressed expression Whlana bowed before Qualam before following Krajani. The alter stared at where the two had been standing for a moment. “Your xenophobia drives off guests who are trying to save us.” Qualam turned to his pupil who in turn stared at the cave where Krajani had disappeared from his sight. “I am afraid it’s not that.” Bakir mumbled distraught, turning to his elder. “I believe I have done something terrible.” he sighed.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 17)

Unusual for the desert they visited, Whlana got awoken by birdsong, the sun had barely risen above the basins, but a look outside the window revealed a blue sky above, the storm had subsided during the second night it raged.

Far below her room the inhabitants of Babd-ael-Drakh worked on removing the sandscreens from the cave that provided them with water. Curiously she looked around to find the birds singing, but couldn’t find any, until a more familiar croak drew her attention. One if the desert wraith marched into the basin with a Phoenix on his arm, it was a local breed, the wraith and Phoenix had arranged themselves so that the Phoenix had an entire basin to themselves, in turn serving the desert dwellers on occasion. Majestically the ethereal bird spread its wings as it ascended into the treetops of the cave, returned back to the hooded man who had let it lose.

Later did Krajani learn that they had looked for the birds, if they were birds that endangered the wraiths food supply, the Phoenix would’ve hunted them on the spot.

“Excuse me.” Qualams voice came from beyond the door, Whlana asked him to enter. “We are going to send a Phoenix to find Bakir and your friend.” he didn’t stop to ask for her wellbeing, a time consuming platitude humans often bothered with when in truth they did not care for it. “Alright. I will be waiting at the entrance to the oasis.” Qualam bowed gently before leaving. Whlana shook her head, in her view she had spent too much time with Krajani, thinking ill of the human ways was not her usual way. Startled shrieks in the basin drew her attention back to the window. The phoenix had started shrieking and fluttering his wings, reluctant with insecurity about the odd behavior the hooded man let the phoenix fly off. Hastily it ascended and flew out into the desert. Clearly visible to Whlana it was joined by the one that was supposed to look for Bakir and Krajani. Quickly Whlana hasted to the entrance to the oasis, surely the odd behavior had a deeper meaning to it.

Qualam awaited her as he too had rushed after the incident, in the distance the two ethereal birds circled over a specific location, only slowly drawing nearer.

“If the two were dead they would have returned crowing wildly, before flying out again.” Qualam calmed both his own and Whlanas nerves.

After minutes that felt like hours to the waiting, the silhouettes of Bakir and Krajani started to appear on the dunes, accompanied by the circling and shrieking phoenix. From a far Whlana judged by the distance between the two that neither had changed mind or ways, by the way they exchanged glances she could tell however that something had happened neither anticipated to ever happen. She sighed, pinching her nose right between her eyes, ignoring Qualams surprised expression.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 16)

In the mixture of howling wind and sizzling sand another noise arose and reached Bakirs ear and mind. The sizzling of the sandgrains against one another in the turbulent storm seemed to be synchronous with the new sound that had a certain magical chime to it, at least to Bakirs ears.After a few meters ethereal shimmer was visible in the seemingly impenetrable wall of sand, a bubble became visible as he approached further, inside it cowered Krajani. Quickly he rushed to her feeling all his prejudices about the Albin confirmed, she wore a piece of cloth in front of her face but it was a piece of her clothes, she had not prepared as any desert dweller would have. Her hair was a contorted mess, hanging from her hear in dreads, she kept maintaining the ethereal bubble with her mind although otherwise she was weak. As he tried to lift her from the ground she proved to be unwilling, only after a moment did he realize she held on to something in the sand. Summoning every bit of his physical strength Bakir again tried to pull her up, unsheathing a large glass like object as she didn’t let go of what she was holding on to. Following her example he to cast an ethereal shield around the two of them, stumbling into the direction he had come from, he kept looking for the opportunity of shelter somewhere. After a time he discovered a small rock formation behind which they could wait out the storm. To his surprise the rock formed a small alcove in the wind shadow. Quickly he put Krajani on the ground, raising the sand them to form a wall that would shield them from the storm. “Why?” Krajani coughed after the majority of the noise was blocked by the wall. “Orders.” he grumbled throwing the second pebble in her direction, which she caught, immediately feeling its ethereal properties although she still was under the influence of Jal’bothan. “Just orders?” she studied the pebble up close, underneath a layer of black rock, in which artful symbols had been carved, was a layer of a metallic substance. It reminded her of the walls in the Naga’na pyramid. Remembering her find, she put the pebble in her pouch, looking at the glassy object. “Just orders. I wouldn’t have risked my life for a lush-lander like you without orders.” he too looked interested at her find. “Alright you sandrat, is this a root or is it lightning strike?” she handed the object over to Bakir, who turned it over in his hands. “I honestly don’t know woodland woman, they gave you no instructions on how to distinguish them?” he handed back.

In one fluid motion Krajani put the glass object away in her leather pouch, pulling herself to her feet, meeting with Bakir on eye level. “I faired pretty goid out there, for a lush, woodland woman.” she hissed, staring in his dark eyes.

Begrudgingly Bakir nodded, wanting to add another remark, but feeling his lips sealed with hers.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 15)

Winds rushed over the basin creating an eerie howling sound, a little sand was raining down into the densely packed garden like hail. Most of the windows had been closed with shutters as Whlana stood in the basin watching the spectacle. “I was sent to bring you and your leader to the elders for a briefing on the matter of your mission.” Bakir grumbled, he had emerged from the cave that the desert wraith had covered with large planes of cloth in order to protect the water from getting polluted with sand. Although little wind reached the bottom of the basins they were fluttering violently. “You found me, let us depart.” Whlana cooperated with him without regard to his demeanor.

“I can’t find your friend.” he replied, almost choking on the word friend. Astonished Whlana raised one eyebrow. Krajani was one of a handful eastern Albin, the desert wraith were mostly dark skinned people. A fair skinned blonde Albin stuck out like a sore thumb, she couldn’t have vanished in Whlanas opinion. Returning to her room with Bakir at her side, she was surprised to not finding her there. “I have a concerning hunch.” she whispered glancing over the strewn out items in the room.

“She is out there?” Qualams voice was high pitched, an indefinable smirk played amongst Bakirs lips. “Guards at the entrance haven’t seen her,” Whlana stepped up in front of the assembly of elders since Bakir smirked. “but she has the powers of turning invisible, at least for some time.” Whlana had observed the power of invisibility amongst eastern Albin weavers, teaching it to western weavers, but the eastern weavers had perfected it. Although unfamiliar with weavery Whlana had heard that it was taking its toll on the weaver, even before weavery disappeared. “She is nowhere to be found in Babd-ael-Drakh.” Bakir woke from his smirking thoughts. Qualam wandered up and down the large semicircular hall, other elders were present, but the full assembly had dissolved after news of Krajanis disappearance had reached them. His steps echoed from the smooth walls and ceiling. After a few moments of marching up and down he returned to Bakir and Whlana. “It is too dangerous to send you,” he pointed at Whlana, his head however slowly turned to Bakir who lost his smirk. “but you on the other hand are a desert wraith, you can go and rescue her.” Bakir wanted to protest, not only had the Albin informed the wraith of the vanished magic in the world outside Babd-ael-Drakh, the desert wraith had noticed as well, and the direction Krajani would probably have embarked in, in order to find roots of the sandtree, he would soon leave the range of Babd-ael-Drakhs magic. “Take this.” Qualam put two small round pebbles in Bakirs hand. “One of these gems is yours, the other is a gift for Krajani, if you do not deliver it to her when you find her, I will personally teach you some sense of duty.” Bakir stared at the two thumb-sized pebbles in his hand. Again he wanted to protest but Qualams stare silenced his words before they left his mouth or even formed in his mind. Begrudgingly he marched off leaving Whlana baffled at the events that had occured before her eyes. Certain that Qualam would explan Bakir left the council hall the elders used to assemble, or greet guests in. Through a long soft slope carved out of the rock ge marched past rooms that were bigger than the council hall, filled with all the knowledge the desert wraith had accumulated. At the bittom of the basin he quickly crossed the lush gardens and shallow ponds, to reach the cave. Above the storm still raged on covering the plants and paths with dusty sand. On his way he wrapped a cloth around his face, after he had wettened it with fresh water.The guards were reluctant to let Bakir pass into the storm, but stepped aside after hearing of his assignment. Furious that he had been sent to find a foolish woodland woman that had intentionally wandered into a sandstorm Bakir felt empowered with his rage. Still he reached for the water supply he had taken with him every few minutes to reassure himself it was still present. Although fierce winds tore on his clothes and little exposed skin, Bakir fought against the wind keeping south. Since the storm left no grain of sand unturned he couldn’t find and follow any tracks, he just hoped that the Albin was marching south and didn’t get lost along the way. Cursing her for quasi leading him out into the sandstorm Bakir felt a weird sensation after a while. For a moment the ethereal that made his wizardry possible seemed to vanish, but in the very next moment it replenished from inside his leather pouch.

Highborn Journal – 4 Root (ep 14)

North of the main basin ran a small river through the rock, it joined later the big cave that connected with the other basins, the cave it flowed out from was a narrow hole in the rock that no one could hope to brave without drowning. To Krajani it was just a minor detail on the side, she had been sent out into the desert to find the roots of the sandtree, not the desert people. “They sent me.” Bakirs voice woke Krajani from her inner monologue, she wanted to leave if the wraith couldn’t help. “They say that in two days time the sandstorm will have calmed and I should accompany you to the south.” his words seemed forced. “Your people can’t tell the weather, can they?” her voice was stingy as she addressed him without looking. “The sky is clear and blue, desert sand man.”

“For a forest woman that knows nothing of the desert you are a mouthful, watch it grow dark.” he hissed ready to walk away he turned. “They told me however that in a rockfield south of here, there might be what you seek. We will see then who’s the inferior in the desert.”

Krajani kept staring at him as he walked away, in her belly she felt her anger manifesting into a hardened knot.

Long after he had vanished into the large cave to the other basins she marched, still aggravated, to the room she had to bunk in with Whlana. Glad at finding the room empty she quickly gathered some of her belongings and some water before leaving again.