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Beating the Hippies, Beast of the Mark

Why are Barcodes a menace Moonraybutterfly?
“Because they cannel bad energies into you, or the product. Barcodes that have been scanned by the evil lazer are worse than others, man!!!”

Okay, obvious fears of “Mark of the Beast” (which contains the number of the beast) aside, this is the most paranoid technology fear mongering I’ve heard in ages.

If you are like me, or…well…everyone who isn’t scared of their own shadow, barcodes are a bliss.
Machine readable numbers. Cashiers just scan the item, the code (like 9 000100 755276) is compared to a table in the system, and a price is spewed out, and added up.

But supposedly, barcodes should act as an antenna, channeling bad energies into the product, or even spewing them out again, against the customer. Scanned items have been hit by the rotating light and are, therefore, worse…

If you were to meticulously reconstruct the barcode out of fine wiring, yes. Maybe you could craft an antenna for real.
But here is why your theories fall apart.
1 – The scanner is scanner is scanning the breaks BETWEEN the bars (further deconstructing the 666 theory) as well as the dark patches, and a single digit is more than one break-streak. (I normally don’t do this, but go here to learn more:

This is ink (or toner), a non-conductive element itself, on non-conducting surfaces, separated by non conducting material. In order for your antanna to work, it’d have to be interconnected. (So striking through the barcode would – if it really was an antenna – just enable the antenna to finally work!)

There just is no evil antenna that sucks the life out of you or your organic soybean powder, replacing that energy with cancer waves.

That would be Batshit insane!

Just go through your own fear-of-the-bar logic with me – for about 30 years we have had this technology in broad application now, shouldn’t we all have been wiped out by evil energy by now?

But who can blame you? You are after all the idiots who believe a “code” of arbitrarily chosen numbers on a sheet of paper can dissolve contrails….

Take care, and keep scanning,

RFID chips are basically npthing BUT an antenna. Once the external field supplies the chip with energy to return a signal, the chip is active. But it has no energy storage capacity.
Meaning, it is completely harmless if no field that would call it to action is present. Stop spreading lies and misinformation!
Besides, damage the RFID chip in just one segment – broken. I’d not recommend that with your passport, but of course, that’s none of , y business. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Beating the Hippies, Beast of the Number

Yeah, this is about the “number magic” some of these New Age Witchpeople…uhm… “practice”.

To give you an impression of how much shit they’ve got on their shelves:

They write down a series of numbers (f.e.: 16, 22, 13, 5, 78) called a code, on a piece of paper, put a jug of perfectly fine, clean, drinkable tap water on it and wait.
For what?
For the “code” to work, to purify the water, or energise it, or something.

After a few minutes the jug’s content is ready to be drunk, and the paper with the code, is now to be thrown away (or ritualistically burned).
Whether that code would scare- or whisk away any real threats, like e.coli, out of murky water, I don’t know.
These snivelling shits only suffer from “upper middle class, first world problems”.
How do I know?
Easy, other fields of work for this malpractice of paper wasting and number abuse is, (amongst infinitely more) Chemtrail busting.
Hence their codes never were field tested with e.coli ridden waters!

“And it really, REALLY works!!!!111onetyone”

No it doesn’t Moonraybutterfly. Numbers don’t filter or cleanse water. Otherwise we wouldn’t need “bigSewage” with their treatment plants…

Look, people, like your problems, your solutions are made up.
I already have explained arbitrary dates, that don’t phaze the universe and grander powers (if existent) at play, and now I have to go at this?

Okay! Here we go again!

Numbers, or codes as you call it, are about as magical, as turds floating on rivers of piss. Translate the base10 numbers you’re using into – lets say, hexadecimal – you’re screwed.

Let’s play with the most known magical number – 666

Roman numeral system: DCLXVI
Hexadecimal system: 29A
Binary: 1010011010

Not so menacing anymore, is it?

You do this with all your stupid “magic” “holy” or “unholy” numbers and your hokuspokus flies apart at the speed of light.
Numbers don’t cleanse your water, they do not disolve contrails, they don’t empower you pecker, don’t unblock your colon and won’t help you in any way shape or form. (Except the right ones on a lottery ticket)

Don’t any of you mathematical imbeciles dare say “But numbers are universal!!!! Foar the entire Universe!!!!11”
They’re not. (Pi is, I grant you that)
Our numbering system is based on 10 due to our 10 fingers. Imagine Aliens with twelve fingers.
Like Hexadecimal, after 10 comes 1A, and 1B, before you switch over to 11!ย 
Numbers are arbitrary. Sure, there is a definitive mass to a standard Hydrogen atom, but whether you call it 1H as a base for a new unit, or base that mass as a (n arbitrarily numbered) fraction of something (arbitrary) else (grams? ounces? mol?) is all riding the randomly chosen number roller coaster again.

So no. Numbers are not universal.
Numbers are not magical.
There are no “codes”. At least no magical ones.

Take care,

PS: If above example code yields proven results, I demand credit and royalties ;รพ

PPS: If you are now trying that code for various shit my code already worked…it lured in gullible twits.