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05. Dec. 2014


Everything happens for a reason.
-Disturbing Diseases

(Imagine seeing this at the entrance to the local funeral home…)

04. Dec 2014


This golden chair with fur lining and greek ornaments is the perfect farewell gift after your bromance broke apart since he slept with your sister, your wife, your blowup doll, your pillow and you.
Especially if your bro is a pimp in a 70s disco-brothel, this chair will always bring tears joy to his heart…

03. Dec. 2014

20131221_120408《…and unto Mary and Joseph came a flock of Frogs, wearing hats with fur lining, bearing Gifts. “Thou hath born us the saviour, let thou tadpole be bestowed in these gifts!”》

02. Dec 2014

20131221_115731White men come to our land.
They slaughter the buffalo.
They fell the trees.
They sore the eyes…