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Monday I got back on track with my Vaccine schedule.
And a little extra.

Needless to say, I felt a little like a pincushion.

Still, I persevered, and pushed through:
30 Pushups, 30 repeats of lifting weights…(30 situps too, but that is irrelevant for the arm I got 4 needles into)…60 repeats actually if you consider the different exercises to exercise different muscles…

Anyway. Still not autistic. Nor gay. Nor cancerous Aids.
No vaccine damage.
Antivaxxers, you lied to me, I had planned to retire as a nearly dead vegetable! But, alas, I still gotta go to work, and I’m still just socially awkward, not gone over the edge.

Friggin liars…

Take care,

Complimentary Newspaper…


Flipping through a complimentary newspaper on a Sunday is a fun adventure sometimes.

THIS is the winner of the 2012 interior innovation award.


Two things here.
A. What repulsive pieces of trash were submitted, but rejected?
B. The flowchart of tastelessness is as follows:
1. the people who designed this. As we are in the 21st century, I have to assume it was not just ONE person, but a conglomerate of people. Probably some studio or “bureau” of “artists”…
2. the folks who approved of this “design” and gave a green light for production, ignoring the malignent tumors forming on their cornea.
3. advertising department “people” calling this ensemble of poles and barrs innovative,  and entering the design into a contest.
4. the committee awarding the IIA to this piece.
5. the degenerates in the press who decided to print (and praise) this with terms like “Design-Highlight”.
Four years later.
Maybe 6. people who read this, and went out to waste their money on some metal and “polystone”, just to have a nifty new holding aparatus for the material they wipe shit from their asses with…

Life ain’t that hard presents Beating the Hippies

No, today there will be no lesson in how to live life a bit more easy than what you’re used to.

Today LATH proudly presents BTH

It needs to be done, that’s why. I am sick and tired of the hippie shit I have to put with, so I am taking that peace sign from you and I will peacefully, and lovingly, bludgeon you to death with it.

There will be a whole range of topics and the BTH posts will be as rando, as the LATH posts, I have laid some topics out before me, but one thing needs to come first, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind when freely associating Hippie?


I have had it with you folks telling the world that weed solves every ailment, ever.
Weed and coconut oil.

Listen you wind-tunnels, the moment you set something ablaze – be that tobacco, weed, crack, neighbors – so you can smoke it, guess what. You are inhaling smoke, which is not much more than gas, ash and soot. Which all is carcinogenic.
Your stupid claim that weed smoking (if only pure weed blunts are used) is null and void if you apply logic.

Don’t get me wrong people, I enjoyed that stuff when I was younger. I’d enjoy it today if I could get my hands on some, but the arguments are utter crap.

Legalise it? Yes. Give it to Hippies? No.

Punch it,

Drink your cancer!

I’m getting quite agitated at a commercial from Coca Cola here in the german language realm.

A dude gets a Coke bottle from his half naked girlfriend, who had previously put a regular coke label over the coke zero label. He drinks and she reveals her scheme! And then she transforms into a (german) soccerplayer, and they party at the locker room of the team after winning, and suddenly he’s back home, the dude is a scantly dressed gal again and lying on bed.

First off: If you can’t taste the difference between diabetes-sirup and the cancer-soup – you’re an idiot. Coke zero and coke light taste like shit. There’s a bitter aftertaste to both of them, coating the uvula like a CIA hitman strangles his victim with piano string, instantly giving me a gag reflex.
Secondly: why are people still lapping that shit up? Certain ingredients in it are known to cause cancer, and unlike other deadly substances it isn’t addictive! (Just to make your “Cigarettes cause cancer, people still smoke!” argument invalid. Plus: Did you see any cigarette advertisments in european TV adverts lately? Didn’t think so…)Thirdly: If my scantly dressed GF (or wife?) turns into an a dude before my eyes, and back again, I wouldn’t wanna touch her, ever again.

So all in all, I personally consider the advert a complete failure:
Idiot doesn’t taste the difference between Zero and regular. FAIL!
Cancer ingredients. FAIL!
Transmutating woman-man. FAIL!

But there is also good news concerning cancer-soup: Those who do consume it, are thin. And you can squeeze enough of them into an elevator to meet the criteria…and the makers of size zero clothes are happy too, finally they have customers.

Recently some Schmuck was all happy over the new Stevia Coke. Just to make it clear people, Stevia is the answer if you asked how to use birth control on men. It temporarily neuters men!
So your choices boil down to Diabetes-sirup, Cancer-soup and Newt-soda.
Shut up, and lap your shit up…