Where'S the bunny?Water energizing!

Take this chip, it is NOT a real computer chip or anything, place it in this carafe and your water will be more energized.

Where the hell is the energizer bunny when you need it to smash something? Water will be water, stays water, is water. WATER!
If you want energy, drink a sugar and caffeine infused energy drink.

Listen, I’m willing to believe a lot of crazy shit, but water, is water. If you want it energized, mix something into it.

But only an energizing chip? A small metal plate that has a weird “mythical” pattern on it can’t energize your water!! I’m willing to believe in a talisman energizing you. But water is water, it is PERFECT as it is. Fresh, clean, vitalizing – WATER! (with no additives mind you!)

Take this ship and the carafe and shove it up into your anal cavity!