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Easter presents…


This easter rabbit can count the eggs hidden behind the house, sitting on the front porch.

Now take this trashbag, and haul this year’s sodded easter crap off…

Fiendish Easter I
Fiendish Easter II
Fiendish Easter III
Fiendish Easter IV
Fiendish Easter V

Yes, yes this was the index for this year’s Easter.


My carrier got bought by a competitor, and now we’re in a new network.
Old contracts legally binding? Fine.
Still with the bonus points system? Fine.
Being wih the special-needs-cases of mobile phone networking? Not so fine…

You see, my new carrier started out as the Odd One. “With us you can can have video calls!?”
And whom would I video call?
The first video call sex hotline?
Peoples ears?
People without the camera at the front?
Outside of the video network carrier???
Tell me you techno dicks!

A few years ago, a decade, or rather, two, a few nerds and geeks got a techno boner dreaming up videocalls over the internet. They worked, and worked and came up with stuff like Skype.

Why did they do it?
Because they could! And because they thought it’d might get them chicks. And/Or money.

Then some other dickhead thought “I can’t wait to have videocalls on the go.” and because he was not good with patience, he got to work.
So that a completely useless feature is implemented in reality. Not even SciFi was using that kind of crap! Say what you will about SciFi writers, they know a useless feature when they sdee one, and if anyone ever truly thought that videocalls on the go were a nifty idea, we’d have seen it in SciFi.

So now I have to be with the special kids, you know the kind, those who eat glue and eat Valium like M&Ms to contain their ADHD.
I wouldn’t mind normally, genius and insanity is separated by a very thin, nigh non-existent border. But the videocall crowd is deeper inside the crazy, and farther from genius territory.

Almost like those cretins still using Fax. Seriously, that technology NEVER was in demand.
It is just like mobile videocalls, it never appeared in SciFi, thus you can conclude it’s a useless feature. Please ban that crap from this planet, it is annoying me to have it in the same reality as me.