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Meanwhile elsewhere I

And while everybody is pouring their hearts out over a fourty something year old man who cracked his head open beneath his skiing helmet, steam js rising from Reactor 3 in Fukushima. Why? No one knows…
Ramifications? No one knows…

Yakuza gangsters recruited homless people (!) to clean up the Fukushima site…

China refuses to import USAmerican corn, after finding GM strains in it. If even the Chinese won’t eat the GM Crap, why should we? Do we get laws banning that crap from our stores, tables and out fields (GM seeds spread too!) Maybe, probably not…

there’s craptons more news that is far more important, and impacting on our lives than the life or death of a celebrity, as tragic as it may be…


Mating like a bear…

today I’ll be brief.

In yesterdays newspaper there were two things that drew my attention. The cover was the Pandabears in Vienna mating. Sure they are chinese loans, and any offspring has to be returned to China, but I consider them ours.
Why? Because unlike the Chinese we have had two baby bears by these two. Pandabears in China have to be shown Pandaporn or artificially inseminated for them to have babies.
Ours do it.
Like rabbits.

That image on the frontpage of the newspaper however irked some people. Why? I don’t know. Male panda humping female Panda, no motion, just stills (like in any Muggle Newspaper ^-^) so I don’t get it.
We’re not conservative Republicans who shit their pants everytime something remotely sexual comes to the general attention. It could be a hug (from behind) 😉

What irked me however is the tiny article they wrote about the two mating, again. “Rare occurance in the Panda cage.”

These two have a baby Panda every now and then! They made one, two years alter it got taken away to China, they made another, that one got shipped to China last year, so guess what these two are doing? CORRECT – another Babybear! They can’t be together while the Baby is here, so of course every spring they are allowed to be together, they mate.
They did it already twice before, so what on earth are these cretins calling “rare”?

For the Viennese Pandas it’d be rare if they don’t f*ck!!

Hope you are as amused about the newspaper cretins as I am.