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More irritating food stuff…

After all the other vile garbage (the ingredients to summon the vegan Demon of bad taste for example), I found the next questionable item to go with it. 

It is literally called “Test of courage”: 

A chocolate bar with enough Scoville to be allowed only from the age of sixteen up.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my fill of tear jerking spiciness the old fashioned way:

Valentines day!!!

To celebrate Valentines day in style, kill something.

Yes, you read that right. We give chocolates, leading to obesity and death. We bring dead flowers, no, rather dying flowers. Kept on life support in a vase, to prolong their suffering.
In short, this day is not about love – it’s about death, destructive behaviour and agony. If your special person is one that insists on celebrating this festival of suffering and torment, otherwise their weak heart would break: kill someone. Preferably an organ donor, and gift them the heart (in ice) to replace the easily broken one.

There, fixed it for you, and this wasn’t even a LATH post.
Take care (so the cops won’t find you),

Easter 2014

The demon chocolates summoned in full force again!

Happy Easter (2014)


Sweet easterly dreams…

Happy Easter, pt4



and then we’ll eat it. 😉

Hapoy Easter, pt.3


Rabbits bring eggs. Why? Because frak you, that’s why.

No, real reason is that in spring, wild rabbits dare come closer to human settlements, and thus they “bring” eggs…who brings them in winter (satan claws) autumn (jack) and summer (melanoma jim) is unknown (except to me, and now you).

Happy Easter, pt2

Did you know that the symbols of the rabbit, the chick and the egg originated in various pre-Christian cultures, as FERTILITY symbols? They got shit to do with a zombie (Jesus)

Card 2 of 4:


Happy Easter!

Well, another festive occasion, another horrid nightmare.

A colleague gave away some small chocolate bars, the sweets were good, but the image on the wrapper…

Let’s just say, they have been given a new purpose as my Easter Greeting cards. Today is number 1 of 4: