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Tu Felix Austria

There’s this hospital being built in my home town of Vienna: Hospital north.

The price tag nearly doubled, it’s opening date postponed several times.

But that is not of the issue.

Recently ONE additional item about that hospital came to light with the hefty price tag of 95,000 Euro.

“What was it? An improved Heli-pad?” no my friends, nothing so simple, mundane and practical.


For 95,000 Euro a “consultant” was hired to “integrate the plot with mother natures energy flows” and “draw a protective circle” around it.

95k for woo.

If it was a private hospital catering to the rich, but delusional goop-buying crowd, I wouldn’t care. But it is a public hospital. Paid for with tax payer money. And mandatory pubic health insurance money.


The city councillor responsible for these matters (who should be fired over this) didn’t know Jack about this, and had tasked the leader of the hospital department (who should be fired over this) to find the one responsible for this, who was then transfered (I hope that is code for “she was be fired over this).

No one, not one, of the RESPONSIBLE people actually feel responsible, and they claim to know nothing of this.

In the end one of of these neuron deficient weasels will stand there and say in an apologetic tone “I take full responsibility.”


It sounds like the plot to some springtime-for-Hitler esque comedy starring Tim Allen, or an onion piece. But this is real folks.

In middle Europe.

A modern, western country.

Not some third world country that until last night was still hunting witches.




What irks me the most about this is the implicitness with which all of this is reported. As if a “realignment with mother natures energy flows” and “protection against negative influences” was something that is being done with every plot, every building site. If some rich trouser stain is doing this for his estate – knock yourself out.

In that case I’d be rooting for the fraud. Take the rich fucks money! Take as much as you can carry.

But this?

PUBLIC money, for a PUBLIC hospital.

The guy who did all that (funny name, “Fasching” loosely translated “ Carnival”) was a car dealer before he turned esoteric. Why he stopped being a car dealer? His superiors pressured him too much to make a profit.

Oh. They would be so proud.

He sold a bunch of nothing and got paid massively for it.

In addition to the aforementioned bullshit he also held a seminar (or a few) for the higher-ups (who should all be fired over this) of the one-fine-day-to-be hospital.

None of them said anything or raised an alarm.

Not one said “I’m going back to doing actual work, you’re gone in five or I’ll call the cops and the press.”

95,000 Euro for absolutely nothing!

A councillor from another party stated in an interview that it is a shame that a hospital, a place of science, is involved with such woo.

I agree.

But, as a side note,

A – you are from the Christian party. Shut up.

B – there’s a homeopathic walk in clinic at Vienna’s AKH (common hospital) – paid for with, you guessed it, TAXPAYER and mandatory public health insurance money.

I am aggravated, outraged, and in the mood for murder, but: I am not surprised.

Fuck me sideways.

There are tribes yet uncontacted-by-civilisation in the Amazon who laugh at us over this! There are bush-people tripping on mushrooms (or the likes) with a more firm grip on reality.

It isn’t just a shame, this warrants a wave – a tsunami – of people getting fired (WITHOUT PAY, that is being kept to balance the 95k out!) to ensure that the idiocy is rooted out. “Cut healthy tissue close to the tumor away too doc, better safe than sorry.”

I think I will draft a letter to the city council:

As chairman of the darkmage society of austria, I demand 94,999 euro, or we will destroy the protection circle and flood the hospital grounds with negative energies, we are many, your puny trickster can not stop us.

If they resist and say how they will know that we have destroyed the protection I’ll answer how they know that it hasn’t. “We have the guarantee of the man who made it.”

“You have my guarantee against it.”

Word against word.

Insanity against insanity.

Take care,


Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 15 – finale)

“The native Albin from the other side of the calm ocean kept the island in between sacred, made it forbidden for our kind to enter it. Since the magistrate of Valborhim had mobilised forces against the fungals, the ships that reached the island met ships from the other side of the calm sea, also heading into battle against the invaders.” a tall man with very dark skin explained what had been happening at the front.

“The fungal guards on the island have issued a surrender, all their troops left the island, and all captive natives were to be released. Many suspect that there still are captives, but none of the parties would go into war over them.” the tall man with the dark skin continued his report to Gela who leaned against Crys. “We thank you for bringing us this information!” she bowed before the emissary.
“Allow me the question, but will you return home, now that it is safe?”

Quickly Gela and Crys exchanged a glance, smiled peacefully. Gela dug up her feet which she had burrowed into the ground, holding hands they wandered towards the cabin, after waving the emissaries with them.

“How are the magic users doing?” glancing over her shoulder Gela was genuinely concerned as the fungal conjurers had access to nectar, and thus posed a further threat. “Magic in the world is declining Ma’am. Sadly. I once was an expert in the fine arts, now I’m a clerical news agent.” the tall dark man frowned. As Gela looked into Crys’ face her eyes posed a question, she and Crys had been preparing for a possible return of the fungal guards. Slight discomfort appeared in his face, but he nodded. “I brought with me a special recipe, you will find it,” she looked into distance at the waving treetops. “empowering.” she smiled at their guests. “Upon returning to the coastal regions ask my people kindly for more of the Jal’bothan. One drop in a liter of water should do fine.” the tall man raised an eyebrow, the one man who had not spoken since their arrival noted the word on a parchment. Neither of them had any hopes for it, many supposed elixirs and potions had been rumored . None showed any effect. “But first,” Crys opened the door to the cabin, revealing a small room with a table, two chairs and a bed, with many liter bottles underneath it, all filled with a glowing, red, clear liquid in them.

Next to the window was a thigh high contraption with earth in it, two small leaves stretched into the light from a fist sized bean. The strangers stepped closer, they were puzzled at first, but the sunrays shining against the bean revealed a tiny shade inside. A shade shaped like an unborn. “I will stay here, my family is here now.” Gela smiled, gently caressing the bean.

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 14)

Gentle winds blew over the tall grass on the plateau, the treetops around softly rocked with the gusts of wind. Three men in robes and a donkey laden with their luggage wandered through the vast field in the middle of the woods. A few oaks stood tall and strong in the middle of the grass. The destination of the three men was a small cabin at the other end of the clearing. A man was working in front of the cabin, some deerskin was mounted against the wall to dry in the sunlight, whilst a large pot was sitting on a fire. “That would be close enough.” Crys didn’t even turn his head to greet the strangers.

“We are emisaries, and” Crys turned to them, his face a display of disinterest. “What do you want gentlemen?” he did not want to be rude, but ever since the events prior to the fungal attack on the village he was not too fond of other people. “We travel the lands, spreading news and seeking it. We come from the clergy.” their obvious spokesman smiled friendly. “Did you hear the latest about the campain against the forbidden island?”

Crys put the meatcleaver aside he was holding in his hand, with a piece of cloth he cleaned his hands. With a wide gesture he showed the visitors a tall oak near the house. Only now did the three men see the young woman that stood there. She wore a light cloth, her long green hair was flowing with the wind, while she was enjoying every last sunray that she could get, with her arms stretched to the side.

After Crys and Gela had moved to their new house the two brooded over maps they had found in Joliens house.

Gelas homeland was the forbidden island.

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 13)

Slowly Crys realised why the fungal guards were hunting the florals. With his tongue he carefully tasted the honey like nectar in the corner of his mouth. Rumors had spread that the mages had lost their ability to use their powers, apparently the fungal conjurers had figured out what rejuvenated their powers.

As on their ride down the slope Crys brought the sled to grinding halt just before he would crash into the trees. In the pale moonlight he could clearly see Gelas tracks leading into the forest.

Hoping that the fungal guards had not found and caught her he got off the sled and hasted through the deep snow as fast as he could.

“Gela!” his voice still sounded a little numbed, his tongue felt less heavy but still affected. “Answer please!” he felt tears shooting into his eyes.

Crys had to cough. Yelling on the top of his lungs was not doping him any good. A few twigs cracked under the weight of a normal person, quickly he ducked away and rolled to the side. Instincitvely raising his hands to defend himself a shield of small ethereal spiked lit up in a green light infront of him, also defending himself instinctively the fungal guard threw a similar shield against Crys’. Puzzled at what had happened Crys stared into the darkness with a blank expression, while the fungal conjurer turned and fled. “He fears your magic.” behind a tree Crys saw the glowing turquoise eyes Gelas. “Human conjurers can summon fire, he probably can’t, or at least fears you could summon it.” wide eyed Crys just stared in her direction, she too seemed scared of him. “You didn’t tell me you were a conjurer.”

Clumsily he got up, as he took one step closer Gela shied away. “I wasn’t.” he whispered, well aware she could hear him. “Don’t be scared!” Gela couldn’t look away from his vaguely visible face. “Please, stay! The magistrate knows now that the fungals lied to him.” with each word his tongue got less heavy, his lips felt less numb.

Reluctantly Gela stepped away from behind the tree.

Crys slowly walked towards her, taking her into his arms as he reached her. Eagerly he breathed in her sweet, vanilla-esque smell. “Where ever you go, I shall be with you.” he whispered, looking into her turquoise glowing eyes. “Always.” he added. Gela closed her eyes, she pressed herself against Crys. “But what about the fungals? My people?” she didn’t let go of him despite her naging concerns. “What ever you will do, I will support you. Wherever you will go, I will accomapny you. If you want to stay in exile and settle down, we’ll do that. If you want to organize help, liberate your people, we’ll do that.” Grateful Gela looked into his eyes, since she was able to stand on the snow she was at eyelevel with him. Slowly di she near his lips, kissed him gently. “Let us go home.” she breathed. “Once we have made one for ourselves.”

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 12)

omething he couldn’t make out, upon trying to answer he found himself incapacitated to do so.

Moments later he found himself staring down on himself and Gela. As before she was cuddled against him, softly playing with his chesthair. “Why won’t you answer?” Crys attempted to speak from his ghostly position but no tone would leave his lips. “Crys?” Gela got up, she looked at him with worry. Close to panic she held her fingers to his nose and slightly parted lips.

Relieved that he still breathed she looked around the room. Dusky twilight filled the window, fear for her life caused her to weep again but she took a few deep breaths. Hastily she gathered his clothes, dressed him as good as she could. “Forgive me, I didn’t know that the nectar would harm you!” from his spectator position Crys saw that there still were some drops of the clear ruby nectar on his lips. It glowed just like her eyes did. Crys opened his eyes to find the magistrate staring down at him. The man was covered in blood, the guard that had overseen Crys and Gela held a bleeding wound in his arm. “You and your plant gal were right.” the magistrate stated dryly, some other slimy substance was slowly running down the magistrates chest, Crys assumed it was the fungal equivalent to blood. “Speaking of which, where is she?” he looked around. It was only at that moment that Crys realised that it was in the dead of night. Getting up proved difficult as his head was spinning, and his limbs felt as heavy as rocks. Attempting to speak proved impossible, his tongue felt sore.

“He got a taste of her.” the fungal man Crys had seen in the magistrates house earlier was lying in a corner, his ashgrey skin had been toren open by several hits with a dagger. His yellow-milky blood was oozing out of the wounds. “The men are worthless, but the women, they hold forbidden fruit, one drop can rejuvenatee the strongest conjurer after he had exhausted himself.” the fungal man snickered, still disoriented Crys grabbed the guards sword and stumbled to the stranger. “Where?” he conjured up all his strength to speak. “She fled.” the fungal replied. “Fled me, my people, but also y,” Crys knew she fled him as well, but needed not to be reminded. He didn’t pick up the sword that stuck in the fungals head. Handling himself from wall to wall he made his way to the door, left the building. The sled that Galen had used to bring home the deer still was leaning against the wall. “Crys! It’s a battlefield out there!” the magistrate rushed after him, but seeing the determination in Crys eyes he stepped back. “At least get your clothes, you’ll freeze to death!” Crys stopped, someone had dressed him crudely. As he looked back inside his gaze was laden with confusion.

Crys had rolled to the side, again Gela had been on top, his senses were over stimulated.

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 11)

“I’m afraid they’ll come tonight and kill me, or worse take me away.” Gela laid her face on his hand. “What would you do with such a threat looming over your head?” after thinking for a moment Crys sighed long and hard. “Run away. In the cover of darkness.” he got up and checked the door. The guard was standing a few meters away, Galens wife had reminded him that his prisoners were free to roam the village. “I was just looking, we didn’t want to be disturbed.” he winked to the man before shutting the door again. Again sitting but withva puzzled look on her face, Gela watched him as he crouched to the window and stared outside, he was trying to conceive of a route they could take. A rout that would keep them unnoticed but at the same time didn’t bring them to dark corners at which fungal guards could apprehend them.

“And he will leave alone now?” Crys turned to her. “He thinks we are intimate, yes, he’ll leave us alone.” he hissed, hoping she’d lower her voice too. Instead she got off the bed and crawled over to him, also peekingbout of the window. “So what is your plan?” she whispered. “We’ll wait for nightfall, pry open the window, afterwards we quickly rush by that barn over there.” he pointed to building in question. “From there we have to make a run for the woods.” as he turned his attention back to her, he noticed she had been looking at him the entire time. “And then?” she lifted her hand, ran her fingers through his hair. “Make it downhill, find a way to the city of Hallenthal. It is far away inland, but no one will find us there.” Crys couldn’t deny he felt aroused by Gelas hand in his hair.

Heavily panting Crys was lying on the bed, Gela kneed above him, she too was short on breath. Smilingly she let herself sink down upon him, gently kissing him. “Why tell a lie when the truth is sufficient?” she panted, talking about the implied intimacy when Crys had spoken with their guard. “True.” Crys gently kissed her forehead. “But why?” Gela looked up. “We live with a danger over our heads. We should cherish the time we have together, we could face danger tonight.” slightly nodding Crys agreed.

Holding on to each other the two dozed off, still not falling into a deep sleep, eagerly awaiting dusk.

“May I ask you something?” Crys was watching the blue sky through the window. “Of course you may.” her voice was thin, laden with doubts and many thoughts. “You said you are born as seedlings, why do you have,” he stopped, looking down on her. Gela just stared back. “I thought you liked them?” a frisky smile played around her lips, provoked a similarly frisky smile on his. “I was just wondering, and, yes I like them very much.” he started kissing her again, felt her kissing his him. Lower and lower went his kisses from the neck down. Giggling to cover her weariness Gela looked up. “You want to know what they are for?” Crys looked up. “Then suck on them.”

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 10)

Gela turned to him, stared in his eyes. “Since I can’t go and bask in the sunshine, or dig my feet in the ground and root for a few hours, yes, food will suffice.” she faintly smiled as well.

It took Crys a while to stop looking into her mesmerizing eyes. “Guard!” Gela looked to the door as he did. “Guard, we require food!” After a few moments the lock of the door was opened. Galens wife stepped in and places two plates at the table.

Lukewarm soup an a slice of bread for each.

“Can you even eat that?” Crys looked at her. “I mean those are plants.” Gela looked at him as if he had lost his mind. “You eat other mammals?” Crys nodded. “Then I can eat other plants.” she smiled, reaching for the soup. During their meal they didn’t talk, but thought about how the magistrate said he had believed the florals to be a myth after he had clearly met fungals.

“I miss my home.” Gela woke Crys from his thoughts, after their meal the two had laid down on the bed, No matter how Galens assessment of the situation would turn out the two would spend at least two or three days in that room, or under close guard around town. “Tell me about your home.” Crys turned to her, leaning on his hand, he hoped that she could make him forget about his own loss for a while. Gently smiling she turned to him as well. “We live in houses made of stone, they only have one small room to sleep in, and a small patch for the seedlings, the rest of the time we spent outside. All year long, except in the winter, when the house is often covered with snow.” she seemed to glow in her reminiscence. “Our village has about fifty houses, in autumn when the leaves of the forest the village is located in turn golden and red, so does our hair and our fingernails.” she lifted her hand to reveal dark fingernails, black with a hint of green. “IN spring we turn bright green with the trees, deeply saturated in summer.” she glanced at her nails. “Ever since this autumn I have had this color.” she mumbled falling into sadness. “Normally we stay in the autumnly colors until spring.” Crys placed his hand on hers. “You won’t become a slave.” he vowed, holding her hand tightly.

Gently smiling she returned the tight grip, softly pressed her cheek against his fingers. “I have you to thank for everything in the last day and night.” she looked from his hand back to his eyes. For a moment Crys thought he saw her blushing as her cheeks seemed to turn golden from within. “You should rest, we can explore the village tomorrow.” he whispered, afraid he might be blushing.

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 9)

“I thought you were only a myth.” the magistrate looked the young woman up and down after Crys had brought her and their common plea concerning the fungals before him. Again the magistrate turned away from the young woman to Crys. “How did you call the men who have allegedly killed your family?”

“Fungal guards, and they did it! There was not a single drop of blood at the site of their crashed sled!” Crys contained his urge to jump at the magistrate, although barely. “Relax son. There is a spare room in Galens house, you two can bunk there.” he waved off Crys’ anger turning to Galen. “See if you can verify his words.” Galen nodded and withdrew immediately, another man stayed with them in the room. Upon a wink of the magistrate he opened the door to another room. “You see Crys, I have to investigate this, instead of taking your word for it, since you are bringing up some serious allegations against highly esteemed guests of this house.” a man and a woman with an ashen complexion entered the room through the open door. Immediately Gela grabbed for Crys’ arm, holding him tightly. The two people walked a few steps towards the two. “Yes, she is one of our slaves.” the nasal tone the woman spoke with immediately made her unsympathetic to Crys, “It may not be our culture to keep slaves but we have to respect theirs!” the magistrate turned to the two. “For the time being, until Galen either confirms or refutes your allegations you two are free in this village, but have to stay.” both the fungal man and woman looked at the magistrate in a slightly agitated way but smiled sourly. Again the magistrate waved the guard who escorted Crys and Gela to Galens house.

Inside the large farmhouse the guard positioned himself in front of the door the two were confined to.

Grief, fear, anger and sorrow threw Crys’ emotions in chaos, causing him to repeatedly slam his fists and foot against the door. Meanwhile Gela watched him with an empty expression on her soft face. “I’m not a slave.” Crys stopped banging on the door, he looked at her. “Please believe me, I’m not a slave, we were free people in the fall, surely some of my brethren are now slaves, most are dead, but I’m not a slave!” again her tears started to flow down her cheeks. Her eyes spoke of desperation, terror and agony. “I believe you.” he mumbled, sitting down on the bed next to her, staring at the window as she did. “I need sustenance.” Crys looked at her, out of nowhere came amusement into the mix of his emotions. “You mean food?”

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 8)

Shone upon by pale moonlight Gela and Crys sat in a small cover he had quickly conjured up with branches from a tree, which he then covered with snow as to not reveal their position. He didn’t dare go any further on the sled. “They can use magic.” he looked up from his feet, her turquoise eyes glowed in the dark telling him exactly where she sat. “I don’t understand.”

“They can use magic, to call forth wind and snow, that is how they must have covered their tracks.” although the rest of her face was in darkness he could see in her eyes that she was incredibly sad, not only for her own losses, but his as well. “And the fire?”

After a long pause Gela sighed, she shrugged her shoulders, a movement he felt in the narrow room of the cover. “I think they can’t conjure up fire, it would be against their nature. But then again, I heard human mages can create fire, although it might burn them.” also sighing Crys looked back down onto the pitch black ground. Images of the tormented bodies of his family appeared before him. With a burning sensation tears shot into his eyes. He felt her hand reaching for his face. “Calm yourself.” she whispered, pulling him close to herself. She needed to be held, as did he, it didn’t take long for her to feel his arms wrap around her too.

Comforted by the presence of the other, both of them fell into a light sleep, alerted by each rustling twig outside the cover.

Plumes of smoke rose from the villages chimneys. Snow levels in the valley were not as high as on the slopes of the mountains, allowing for Crys to walk without the use of snowshoes. Gela sat on the sled that he pulled since the land was not steep enough for them to ride it into the village. “We’ll go to the magistrate’s house! He’ll know what to do!” he yelled over his shoulder. Bearing a bittersweet expression Gela nodded, hoping the fungals had not made it into town before they did. “Crys?” the called turned his head in the direction the call had come from. Another young man approached from the forest that stretched further down the valley, he carried a deer on a sled. “What madness drove you to brave the deep snow?”

“Madness my dear Galen, madness.” he sighed pulling the sled with Gela further towards the village explaining the reasons for his presence in a few sentences.

Circle Journal – 4 Growth (ep 7)

The sleigh shot downhill with incredible speed, Gela was holding on very tightly to Crys, almost hurting him. She was not used to high velocities. Before their departure she had explained to him that during the cold months of the year she and her kin usually dug under the snow and hibernated, much like the bear, but with the attack of the fungals during the fall they had to abandon that usus.

Her escape from her homeland had taken her quite some effort, she had lost her siblings, their parents had already fallen victim to the fungals in the fall. “Why do you only talk of siblings?” Crys tried to ease her tension as he navigated the sleigh down the slopes. “But never of a brother or sister?”

Gela sighed into the racing winds. “We are born from a seedling, Once we emerge from the patch we grew in we have no gender until years later. I am the oldest, clearly I’m female, but my siblings were still too young.” a milky drop was blown off by the wind into the distance.

“Hold tight!” he yelled slamming his feet into the snow, slowing them down until they came to a halt. before them was forest.

Dense, dark forest.

Leaning against one tree there lay a twisted, broken sleigh. Four bodies were strewn around it.

None moved.

Crys felt as if all air escaped his lungs, his muscles tightened. Nowhere inside his heart did he find the strength to get off his sleigh to inspect them. He knew from a distance that it was his brothers family. Jolien, his wife and the two boys. Gela climbed of the sleigh, she walked across the deep snow to the site of the accident. She moved from one to the other, her expression was grim as she got up from inspecting them. “They are all dead.” she took a few steps away from the four bodies. “And they haven’t died here.” Crys still sat on the sleigh, his face locked in a mask of agony and despair. “No blood.” he pressed out from between his teeth as he closed his eyes, his head sinking until his chin touched his chest. “There is no blood.” Gela hurried back to the sleigh. “We must not disturb their bodies further, the fungal guards have,” again he interrupted her. There were no footsteps around the house. If the fungal guards were as heavy as a human, how could they not leave footsteps? Disturbed he turned around to look up the long slope they had just descended from.

A hand full of dark figures stood higher up staring down to them. Grinding his teeth he felt aggravated, his muscles tightening again.

“Don’t!” Gela jumped on the sleigh, pushing it forward, Crys quickly steered the vehicle around the narrow curve bringing them further away from the site of the accident and the fungal guards.