I noticed that, in various degrees, there is a new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with each generation.

Generation menaing every five to ten years, when a new batch of kids reach that magical age of being a lovestruck teenager that can be milked for cash by Hollywood.

The latest being “Warm Bodies”.

I wonder, how long until we try to tap the Science Fiction segment with this tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers. Here’s my pitch:

Julia (16) works summer job in her fathers lab, he is trying to create Antimatter, through a rift in the Space-Time-Continuum a boy (Romeao, 16) from an Antimatteruniverse is pulled through into the magnetically sealed chamber. The two fall in love, but can never touch – that would create an explosion tearing a hole in the ground that could house half a continent.

Long story short, they DO touch (kiss) and for a fleeting fraction of a millisecond they feel completed and hole. Then the inevitable happens and their bodies annihilate each other (and everything else in large radius around them).

End result: Both dead.

There, mission fulfilled. SciFi Romeo and Juliet.
If you want, you can rverse their roles, but I thought giving Juliet the empowered Science Background would satisfy a lot more.

Hollywood: This idea is mine, if you want it, it’s purchasable.
Contact me. 😉