First off, let me tell ypou that I’m a huge Star Trek Fan! I got a lot of the toys as a kid, action figures, phasers and tricorders, models, disruptors, ships – and as you might recall, the original show was giving me plenty of role models as a kid and teen!

You might think if someone said anything negative about Star Trek, I’d get (a little) pissed?
The inconsitencies of these god awful TNG Movies aside (see – Plinkett Reviews – Star Trek Reviews, for more on that) there is something that bugged me.

TOS – coming from a cold war mindset, Kirk was at the frontier between Russians Klingons on one side and Chinese/Japanese Romulans/Vulcans on the other.
He was a hero, he called the shots, he made the policies and politics, and all things aside, next episode was reset to the static line up of the first episode.

TNG – it was a lot more realistic. Picard followed orders and conscience, more the orders though. It was not as static, there were recurring characters and story archs. He didn’t make policy. He didn’t make politics.
Great..ish. The admiralty and rulers of the federation called the shots and made politics.

DS9 – almost back to form. Sisko and his crew made the politics that influenced both Alpha and Gamma quadrants. Not alone, there was still a lot of admiralty and hirarchy, but it was getting closer to the original.

Voyager – thank you Captain Janeway.
For everything.
There was no admiral, little political hickhack or spy stuff. Just plain and simple Kirkesque policy making.
I loved it. Still do.

But here comes my problem. And I ain’t referring to the failure that was “Enterprise”, no it’s DS9 and VOY.
Did the admiralty and Sisko and his merry men (and women) ever consider the consequences for the Delta Quadrant that would follow the destruction of the dominion?
I picture renegade Jemhadar(sorry if misspelled) forming “micro nations” ruled with guns and violence. Other factions rising from the ashes of the Dominion stranglehold and fighting for power, wielding weapons left behind by the dominion, that were unrevealed and/or dangerous for everybody!?
Holy shit, it’s the fall of the Soviet Union all over, just bigger and way more dangerous!! The power vacuum left by the Dominion could be an entire new series, let’s call it “Star Trek – We fucked up” (ST-WFU).

Still not done, still not done.

The Borg know, by the process of assimiliating Federation personell and ships, about the Dominion, and by extention, of the founders/changelings.
Isn’t anyone, ever concerned they might show up in the Gamma Quadrant, caputre at least one Changeling and “add his biological distinctiveness to their own”?
They could invade every corner of the universe, look like who- or whatever lived there, assimiliate them (technology is stored inside the “Changeling units”) and become the most dominant thing in the entire fraking universe!
The Game is over!
Let’s call this show “Star Trek – We are Fucked” (ST-WRF)
Don’t give me that crap about “the changeling could evade teh assimilation, by forming around the injected nanites!!11oneone” – I’m looking at you nerds, I’m one of you, stop it. Think for a moment.
Capture a changeling, (or) wait for 18 hours until he HAS to rest, drop a bunch of nanites in the sludge and wait for the magic to happen! It would be the T-1000 of the Star Trek Universe that stands up from that jar afterwards.

There are plenty of other instances that made me raise an eyebrow and scratch my head.
But those two are the major problems I struggle with. For now at least (Hence the “#1” at the end of the post title.)

To end this, all I can say is:

Live long and prosper!