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(Evil) Fun at Work

Today I learned that some of my colleagues believe in alternative medicine.

I berated them that it is bovine fecal matter, and that it is the same as alternative facts “the sky is green”, stupid. That any success doesn’t go beyond placebo (by proxy).
If stuff works, it is called MEDICINE, without the prefix, even if it “just” herbs.

To which they replied “everyone is entitled to their beliefs.”

No, sorry, they’re not. Belief in chinese alternative medicine states that ground up rhino horns are medicine (although it is the same as fingernails), and now the northern white rhino is as good as extinct thanks to that.

Now they’re not talking to me anymore.

I have the perfect picture for this.

I won’t shut up. Fuck alternative medicine, homeopathy, MMS (bleach) and juicing.

See a REAL doctor, who gives you REAL medicine, you pseudo enlightened fuck-wit.


Life ain’t that hard: Vaccinate!


There shouldn’t be anything past the title. No further sentence, no paragraph, no lengthy post.

But we live in a time and age where one can say “I don trust dem Doctars wit dem ears of study.” and read some made up bullcrap by populist pseudo specialists, and wanna be herbalists and naturalists.

Don’t any of you start posting here. I will not approve any replies.

First of, let us get a few things out of the way:
1. It is not better hygiene and clean water that eradicated/diminished diseases. If that were the case, all the diseases we have vaccines against, would’ve been eradicated/diminished all at once, not shortly after their vaccines got introduced into the system.
1.5. don’t even draw breath to say “Polio” in front of your screens. Think of Iron Lungs and shut up.
2. If you accuse doctors and medical caretakers and mainstream media of being biased and having an agenda, directed by “Big pHARMa”, did you ever stop to think about the possibility that your sources of information might also be biased and have an agenda? Might they be pushing you some herbalist crap, or worse homeopathic remedies? (Homeopathic remedies, take some massively diluted stuff, mix it with common water and sugar, sell it. For 300 times the costs!)
3. Big pHARMa. As far as it does exist, yes they have hatched a diabolical plan to ensure we keep throwing money down their throats: They’re making us live longer.
Before pharmaceutical products made living easy for us, life expectancy in the late 19th century in Europe was at about 42 years. Then vaccines got introduced and more and more, together with hygiene and clean water (I give you that), life expectancy rose. Steadily.
Who needs the most pills and treatments? The elderly. Those who, according to nature’s evil plans, should not be alive! Those with chronic disease, who should be killed off by some virus because their immune system is too weak or preoccupied (allergics, like yours-truly, for example).
Thanks to big pharma, they all live longer than nature ever intended for them to live. And due to that, the pharmaceutical industry, ensures we keep paying.
4. Stop linking what isn’t linked. If i drink hard liquor, and soda, i could accuse the soda of causing the hangover the next morning. Scientists have not nailed down what causes autism, but they ruled out one suspect: Vaccines.
5. Google the term “Parasite”, then you know exactly what I think you are. You claim to know what herd immunity is (when everyone around a certain vulnerable individual, is immune to a disease. The individual that is vulnerable might be endangered due to diminished immune capabilities after a transplantation, chemo therapy, etc., or simply because it is too young to be either vaccinated or otherwise immunised), so when you stay/keep yourself/your child unvaccinated, you are a parasite (or forcing a parasitic lifestyle on your kid), basking in the relative safety of herd immunity, while not participating in maintaining said immunity.
5.5. There is no shedding. And even if there was, why are you so afraid of it? You want natural immunity, if shedding truly existed, it’d be natural.
Listen you numbskulls, living virus vaccinations are attacked by the immune system way before the virus could replicate enough to be transmitted. That’s why we vaccinate! If shedding worked, we’d just need ONE vaccine every generation, and then it spreads through shedding. Since it doesn’t, shedding is not real you parasite.
6. Mercury. Aluminium. Formaldehyde. Learn the difference between “ethyl” and “methyl”. (Yes, this time it’s my turn to say it!)
6.5. While on the subject of chemistry. Do you scientific illiterates ever really go and do some of your treasured research? Colloidal silver? Really? It accumulates and turns into a smurf. That is it. MMS? It’s frigging bleach! The sort ypu use tp make chicken carcasses clean! BLEACH! Stop giving your kids enemas with BLEACH (=an acid!)!!
7. Viruses, or Viri, exist. I can’t stress this enough, so let me repeat it in bold: Viruses, or Viri, do exist. Got it?
There is no debate whether they exist, or not.
They do.
It is proven. Saying that Viruses do not exist is like saying there is no climate change, or the earth is the center of the solar system, the milkyway, the universe, and it is flat like a Pizza, and the Antarctic is an enormous ice shield on the edge. Viruses do exist. Period!
7.5. Morgellons do not exist. Neither do Unicorns, dragons, fairies and pixie dust.
8. You can’t force a vaccine out of a body once it is injected. If you have a “healer” in your circle of acquaintances who claims he can, go to my Christmas Calendars, you’ll find an adequate gift for them there.
8.5. If you accept advice on vaccines from anyone but a professional medical person, like a doctor (nurses are highly trained, but they have NOT studied medicine, so they are not qualified for this task) ask yourself: Am I being prepared for a push sale of an alternate product? What is this individuals gain, Agenda or general motivation? Did s/he study medicine for several years, do real research with peer reviews, do anything other than google stuff?
If you come to any negative or shady conclusion, ask someone else.

That’s about it. So here my last suggestion for you root nibblers:
I’m not kidding. This is real, get vaccinated, I hate these parasites of society that are not vaccinating because their herbalist tells them it is bad and some shady doc (who got his title and license revoked!) claimed it causes autism which it doesn’t.
Get yourself, your kids and entire family vaccinated, yes there might be effects against the injection.
A little feverish, for a day, but better than a lot of fever for a week with potentially lethal outcomes.

Get vaccinated!

Let’s go to Mars…

Doctors think that a round trip to mars and back is too risky to ever send a human being.

Background radiation, coronal emissions, thus cancer, bone atrophy, etc.

Not to mention all the hazards of being that far away from earth.

If today’s health & safety fetish would’ve been present back in 1491  – the american continent would’ve remained undiscovered until we sent technologies there. Unmanned transoceanic probes.

Or back in the 1960s, no small step for a man, not even the thought of a leap for mankind. “Too dangerous!”

The future of mankind lies out there.
Not only because we fuck this planet over in the worst possible way, but because it is a simple fact! Suppose we get our shit together, no wars, poverty eliminated, hunger and thirat sated…eventually we need to spread to new areas. And those lie out there.

And it will be the brave and the bold who will go, take small steps to make giant leaps.

So, yes. Doctors say that going to mars will be too risky, and I say one day some dude (or gal) will go, live there for a time, return and have healthy babies afterwards.
Just to prove that doctors should shut their mouths sometimes.

In that respect, live long and prosper,
to boldly go, where no man has gone before.

Take care,