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Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 24 finale!)

“What has happened to me is not your fault.” John regained his composure. Gradually Wernthar returned to his original size, he glanced over to Sarah, at her gentle smile. Deep inside of him he felt a pain he had thought impossible to feel. For Sarahs well being he would give everything. “So that she, and the others are safe, separate from the world of man, would it be possible,” John did not move his lips, invisible to the eyes of hers and the maiden had he raised a wall around him and Wernthar. He felt Wernthars mind probing his every conscious thought, just kept thinking. “to turn me into an anchor? She, her daughter and Gerald have suffered too gravely in the company of man.”

Turning his gaze also to Sarah Wernthar pondered for a moment. Feeling the hidden pain in Sarahs heart and Johns own, Wernthar sighed. “It is possible.”

Susannah and Gerald sat side by side on the shore of a small island. Their eyes were locked on the fantastic sight above the shoreline.

Incredible tall rock formations rose in the sky, trees gre on it, tiny enough to appear like hair. Between a ridge on that shoreline and the rock a long hanging bridge of steel and wood led to a cavern that allowed for passage from the surface to the bridge.

Sarah stepped out of the house that she lived in, she walked the steppes down to the beach in silence. A bittersweet sigh escaped her lungs as she grabbed a hand full of the mud there. She too enjoyed the view, but turned to the house. It sat on stilts, soft grass grew underneath it. The simple wooden house sent out an aura of peace and comfort. Behind it a tall structure rose in the sky, it balanced on a single pole, but had softly swung ramps covered with fruit trees, crops and vegetables. Somewhere on those serpentines she saw the shape of a man, again did her heart feel a bittersweet sting.

“Good morning John!” her words caused Susannah and Gerald to look as well. Quietly the man in the distance looked up. He waved them.

Still Sarah couldn’t believe that John sacrificed his mortality for her and the children.

“Good morning!” the yell from the neighboring isle woke Sarah from her bittersweet thoughts, she turned to see a couple that just had stepped into the morning light as well.


Newly arrived magi.

Glad that the five anchors had spread the word amongst runaway magi about the islands, John turned his attention back to the gardens. “Welcome home.” he mumbled to himself, addressing Sarah, but the other magi as well, before tending the plants further.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 23)

“Are you two certain I can’t interest you to listen to me again?” Desiree stood next to the table of Susannah and Gerald, both shook their heads, longingly she gazed out the window to the walls behind which Wernthar lived. It was her duty to lull new arrivals into staying out of their own free will, but with the two young people in front of her she sensed a certain reluctance.

“Your child is the child of two magi, as you call them, by nature a very powerful magi.” Wernthar had seated himself once more. His guests also were back at the table, only his maiden was standing, she had withdrawn to the door. “But all magi carry a little bit of the void inside them.” he stared at Sarah with a blank expression as if he stared through her. “Every magi parenting a child with another magi is getting a little bit of the void into this world.” while listening to his words Johns mind wandered off. His master had been right in his assumption that taking in a bit of the void would increase the powers of a magi. But apparently some people were not made out to contain such power within themselves. “But she is by far not the anchor we’d need, correct?” John jumped ahead of the conversation. Softly Wernthar shook his head, an apologetic smile on his lips. “Well then.” John got up taking a few steps towards the door. “Seems as if we’re about to stay.” he sighed, but stopped, his face marked by thoughts he did not want to think. “If one were to drink the blood of an anchor, what would that do to that anchor? And to the one drinking said blood?” Unseen by John Wernthars skin assumed a stone like texture immediately. Sarah inched away from the westend king, his expression grew cold and grim. “You could destabilize that anchor. And if you drank of my blood you would,” Wernthar paused studying John from behind. “The Thuron incident!” he hissed getting up, losing his stone texture again, honest worry was all over his face. “You were the boy that he had experimented upon!” John had unwillingly cringed a little at the mention of his former masters name. Wernthar now was taller as John, turned the man slowly around while holding his shoulders. “I never thought you’d turn up at the rim.” it dawned on John that he didn’t go to the sea all by himself, the five anchors had guided him there. “I saw that you harboured the void twice but did not care to look deeper. Forgive me.” the maiden at the door lost her composure, for the first time had she heard a heartfelt apology from Wernthar.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 22)

“The island.” he started, but paused again. The forests surrounding the lake on that island seemed to spring to life in his mind. “There is no conceivable way to get it, is there?” Wernthar looked at his guest in wide wonder. Over the aeons he had gathered stranded people from the Western shore of the rim on his island, mostly because he wanted a glimpse at what he couldn’t feel any more, a hint of mortality for him to enjoy the beauty of life which comes only with the certainty of death. Never had he considered to bring them on the island in the skies. Even if someone saw it, none of the people who had and survived the accompanying glance at the void asked about it. “Do you wish to bury your dead?” Wernthar knew John considered colonizing, but tried to coarse him in another direction.

“No. Their graves are at the rim of that isle. Eventhough I have seen it twice I dare not glance into the void a third time to recover them. I want to settle there.” John stared at Wernthar, though he possibly challenged a being as powerful as the gods he had to try. In his eyes the island was another world, a world isolated from the atrocities of man. “I can reach it.” Wernthar sighed turning to his window once more. “But once there you are out of my reach, I will learn of your fate only on the eve of the following day, as the sun sets there after it had set here.” a shadow of doubt crossed his face as he returned his gaze to his guest. “I’m not even sure whether you can survive there.” the walls around them dropped revealing the maiden and Sarah who were surprised, as the wall had blocked them with darkness as well. “The island has no anchor. The world has five. Me, the king of the Northern edge, the queens of South and East and the central column. The latter being an androgynous entity deeply beneath the earth.” John swallowed. Something his master had babbled about before his devastating madness got the best of him. A creature of the void he had discovered in his dungeons, but only excavated partially until he had mastered the powers of the void. Vague disturbing images of a cup came spewing from his memory, a silvery liquid inside it, it was forced into his throat. Quickly John shook these memories off.

“In order for the island to sustain you and not crumble under your presence, you would need an immortal.” Wernthar felt victorious, though he couldn’t let the people return to the world they had come from, with memories of his sheltered island, he could let them go to the island. Unharmed, unaltered, immediately.

“You said I gave birth to the void.” Sarahs insides felt mangled just thinking about Susannah as something other than her beloved daughter, but Wernthars words were fresh on her mind.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 21)

“He sees the events of a day gone by, the setting sun tells him.” Desiree sat in the midst of the new arrivals, each had gotten a meal as well as a pint of ale the islanders brewed. “Osthaya is said to be a female, the Eastend Queen. She knows what will come to pass during the day, but we don’t know ourselves, this was told to us by Wernthar.” she had drawn a crude map with liquid on the table and pointed to the other end of it, the location of Wernthars island was indicated by her own pint. “Knowledge of the nights belong to the north and south king and queen.” Desiree vaguely pointed to the other tips of her circle. Already had she disclosed her age of fifty-eight to the baffled strangers, most of her audience was willing to settle on the island.

All of them, except for Gerald and Susannah. The two youngsters sat a little outside of the of the crowd, still listening but not as swayed as the others. Desiree glanced over to them every now and then. Determined to win them over as well.

“Immortality has its merits!” the robed maiden glowed with enthusiasm as she brought the topic back up in the conversation with John and Sarah. Wernthar still stood staring out of the window. “Also its faults.” although John faced the maiden he glanced to his host. “After some time you’ll have read every book, heard every instrument, or combination of instruments, play every song, you’ll have seen everything beautiful, everything terrible, tasted all that is well and all that is terrible.” out of the corner of his eyes did he see Wernthars skin turn ash grey, with a rock like texture. “You’ll have felt all emotion, from love to hatred.” he paused, looking back at the maiden who seemed terrified by his words. “All beauty will have turned to dust before your very eyes, into ash inside your very mouth. If you ask me, immortality is overrated. We mortals strife to leave an immortal sign for future generations, in the vain hope to transcend into that future ourselves! But only through our mortality do we value beauty, peace, taste and love!” John got up walked to the door. “I decline immortality, I always shall. And if you were wise, you would too.” a wall of darkness obstructed John from Sarahs and the maidens eyes. Wernthar was inside that wall as well.

“For a mortal you know the pain of an immortal very well.” Wernthar had turned away from the window. John kept his back turned to the powerful Westward King. “You said it yourself I glared into the void twice.” with a cynical smirk on his lips he turned to his host. “If it would truly end my life, if I had a guarantee that I’d die of thirst, starvation, at least old age or fright, I would fling myself over the edge rather than to life forever!” he paused. The image of the tiny dots on the rim of the island in the sky appeared before his eye, causing him to think.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 20)

The guard led the two through a few gates, they marched up a wooden stair, only to find themselves in yet another court. One of the doors leading away into adjacent rooms opened. A pale young woman in robes stepped out, thanked the guard and waved the guests in.

In a large comfortable chair rested the oversized head of a stone statue, but it didn’t seem as lifeless as the statues either of the two had ever seen before. “Come! You wanted to know of the powers that be.” the way the stone head spoke let John petrify, it was as if he had heard that particular way of articulation before, in the void.

Studying the horrified expressions of his guests the stonehead sighed. “I forgot. Please forgive me.” the rock began to shiver and transformed into a man. After the change had occured he took a few deep breaths before he got up. “The people on my island call me the Westend King, or Wernthar.” his pretended happiness was obvious to both of his visitors, he offered the two a seat at a table in the far corner from the door, which they accepted. The maiden in the robe stayed at the door.

“Why were we brought to this island?” John had always found diplomacy to stand in tbe way of the truth, or at least the object.

“Survival. Yours to be precise.” Wernthar paused for a moment. “Most of you wouldn’t survive a glance into the void.”, still studying Johns eyes.

As if answering a question Wernthar shook his head, paired wirh a long sigh he glanced to the maiden, who blushed slightly. “Did you strive to become immortal?” a hint of a basaltic texture crossed his entire complexion. “Someone strived, someone strives right now. I have no desire for it.” John replied, the weight of the impressions from the void was still heavy on his mind, these impressions gave him a sense of immortality. “Eternal youth?” Wernthar addressed Sarah, her expression changed from surprise to puzzlement.

“You bore the void inside yourself. Twice.” turning to Sarah he continued,”And you channeled it into this world.” an expression of offense formed on her face, but her words were stopped by Johns look. “Why, I see that you wouldn’t deny eternal youth.”

Wernthar jumped to his feet, offsetting his guests a little, with slow paces he wandered to the window. Only a hint of evenings colors in the distance told of the infinite distances surrounding three sides of the island. “People don’t age on the rim as they age in your home regions, part of why they lose their mind sooner or later.” with a wink of his hand he called forth the robed maiden. She stopped mid way between Wernthar and his guests. “How old are you?” again Sarah guessed her age before she spoke. “Fifty-seven.” coughing Sarah jumped to her feet, supported by John so she wouldn’t lose her balance. “If you are any age near that, soon you’ll find yorselves rejuvenated.” not turning from the window Wernthar explained to them that children aged until they became pubescent, from then on their ageing was slowed significantly.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (pt 19)

Beyond those gardens was a wall of clouds concealing the infinite depths from the eye, but the eyes of the people following were mostly fixed on the road and the small castle at its end. “It’s cultivated.” Sarah whispered, she did not want to draw too much attention from Ferlon, but had to tell John that they had entered land that was obviously populated by more than just Ferlon and his master.

Ferlon stopped at the gates of the castle. He leaned on his staff, not used to physical exercise he was a little short on breath, but still complimented John and the others in. Only after the last of the strangers had walked through the gate did he sigh in relief before returning to his ship.

While wlking down the path he reminisced about all the times he had been sent out to pick up some strangers that had washed ashore on the western rim. Mostly ships that had been wrecked by storms or sea creatures, only rarely did anyone survive, he had never encountered a large lively group before.

“Please! Step up, you folks must be hungry.” a group of clean people in fine clothing had awaited the new arrivals inside the castle walls. Sarah was suspicious of them, as were all the others in the group. “Please, do not be offended by our decline,” she stepped in front of John who was still looking around expecting some sort of ambush or trap. “but we are a little frightened and curious as to why we had been brought here.” completing the sentence together with her, a woman, who appeared to be in the early twenties, stepped towards Sarah. “I said the same thing when I and my crew arrived here.” she smirked, debunking Sarahs estimate concerning her age. “Your questions will soon be answered.” the woman extended her hand towards Sarah to greet her. “My name is Desiree.”

Rustling armor interrupted the greeting. A man in shiny, and highly decorative armor walked up to them, his skin had the same unhealthy, almost ash like complexion, as Ferlon. He pointed at Sarah and John, gestured them to follow him. In a similar silent fashion John told his crew to remain calm and accept the invitation of the townsfolk.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (pt 18)

The clouds of rising vapor glowed golden, the sun set directly behind it, still the ship raced directly towards the gap in the shoreline. As they neared John noticed that the ship slowed down.

A man could walke the same speed the ship navigated through the narrow rocks to both sides of the gap. None of the four had attempted to talk with Ferlon over the thundering noise of the waterfall. “The isle of the western king!” the booming voice Ferlons transcended the noises his passengers deemed to loud to yell over. John watched in amazement a wall of rock appear in the shimmering mist, Ferlon navigated the ship beyond the wall thal led in zigzags further into the west. After some corners the waters calmed down, the sky had showed again, only behind them did the mist reflect evenings colors from the sky.

Gently did the majestic ship halt at a peer, Ferlon again made the plank bridge the gap between his ship and the platform, again did he transport his passengers against their will. “Once the fog lifts you will see the magnificence of this island!” he complimented the passengers off his ship that couldn’t be transported.

Before John could inquire Sarah pulled his sleeve, pointing westward. Steep slopes filled with green trees and a small castle peeled out of the fog, illuminated from behind.

Behind them the plank returned onto the ship, Ferlon stood next to the ship on the peer, apparently he listened to the slight breeze that came from the west, after a long sigh he started moving again. “If you were to follow me.” his words a long exhail of displeasure, he started walking. The road they travelled upon was paved, there were thigh high pillars of stone in regular distances.

Suddenly their tops lit on fire as the evening progressed and the natural light grew less. To the sides of the road was a little grass strip, followed by a low wall beyond which trees grew, Sarah noticed they were mainly fruit bearing trees.