Here’s my thoughts, if our next door neighbor (choose Mars or Venus) would be habitable – we’d be all over it!
1969 Moon landing; 197x Mars/Venus

Why? Profit. We could exploitexplore it without the hassle of building / sending hermetically sealed housing/suits/etc. there.
So. I’ve been thinking.

Fix Kepler!

Realign it with closeup stars (Barnard & co.). If they have habitable planetary bodies (or Huge-ass planets with habitable moons within the Goldilock zone) – go there. We’re exploring space within moments of finding the planet(s) in question.

Travel to the edge of the solarsystem, and then do what any sensible creature would do: FUCKING START YOUR ENGINES PROPERLY. What do I mean by that?

Build Orion.

Build it, bring it out there, and fire it up. Happy exploring.

Now, if you need this printed out, do it.
I know there’s a ot more involved than just what I told you above, but this is a rough guideline.

You’re welcome.