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Riegersburg (vacation intermission II)

Here’s the challenge: Not using the elevator, or bringing Dragons into the mix (looking at you, Targaryans), take that castle with all medieval possibilities you can think of. πŸ˜‰

Really? We REALLY need an App for that?
Moat pigs! But, do you really need a moat up here? You built your castle ON TOP OF A (dead) VOLCO!
A second moat? A SECOND MOAT?

There is a watering hole for horses (Ross-Schwemme) behind me. In some spots, you can clearly see the volcanic origin of the mountain.
Terroir Burg. I got myself a Cuvee with wine from that terroir, sadly there’s no pure wine. But volcanic soil, in that position – perfect!
Enter. If you dare.
One last glance down.
What have we got here?
A well! Beautiful!
In the lower right corner you can see the castle blacksmith, doing what a blacksmith does : Teaching tourists how to make knives, selling other tourists other knives and forged trinkets. πŸ™‚
Somewhere in this picture one can find my family. First one to spot them get’s a coupon for “A gentle nod from me in your general direction at a public gathering”. Happy Searching. πŸ˜‰

Vacation intermission

No, this os not the Mediterranean, but Styria (that’s in Austria).

Just as I had foreseen, no network connection where we are staying.

That means that the prepared posts have gone, and will go up. Until I am back in touch with you, here a few more pictures to entertain you folks:

Calm your ovaries, girls. πŸ˜‰

Pirates of the Styrian XD

Yeah, that’s a thing. A nice thing. πŸ˜‰

Shoot out at the Styrian graveyard. idk, it just looks like a scene from a western.
Unphil nepht time, yourph phruly, Phteven.

The Organic Farm

Well, they had a party and an open invitation at a “local” organic farm.

So we went there.

If I disliked “organic” before, I officially hate that crap now.

Basic semantics aside (EVERYTHING is organic/biological, if it weren’t, it would’ve oozed into our reality from some other universe) I believe i cracked their secret.

Class A goods (for example Apples) are sent off to stores as normal goods.
B grade and less qualified products are covered in dirt and grime, called “organic”, and sold for a fortune! Although it’s just the regular crap, just slightly less A grade.

Thanks to an Ex of mine I know how pork tastes sometimes.
As a city boy I knew pork only as what most of us know it. But if you buy the cheap pork, you have a certain “porky” flavour to it.
Here my Ex comes into the picture.
She was living in the country side and we occassionally drove by pig farms. You know that porky flavor?
That’s the intense, rural, porky flavor.

I had a pork Schnitzel at the organic farm. Guess what taste was coming through? Right…ORGANIC. Expensive, organic porky, rural, pig shit flavor you get from cheap pork.

Now I also know that I fracking hate hippies!

I agree on their ideals, on the philosophy – but I’d like to strangle them in public!

“Yes, uhm Lemonaid lenonade please.” *barkeep gets it to her* *takes a sip* “This is carbonated! ”
“Yes, it’s lenonade!”
*returns 20 seconds later* “do you have a non refrigerated one, this one’s too cold.”
“Sorry ma’am, they’re stored cold and brought here to be on display in the fridge.”
I would’ve told her to hold it in her hands to warm it up, shake the damn bottle to get rid of the carbon acid, but that would involve “animal” labour, so it wouldn’t be vegan…besides, this crazy nut hat a ChΓ© Guevara face ironed/sewn to the back of her jacket, over her shoulderblade, right where the strap of her bag was tearing on it.
So she is in support of a man who ordered executions on people who did not share his ideals, who ordered non-revolutionary workers to do hard labor in a camp?
Or more likely she’s anti establishment, but doesn’t know jackshit about ChΓ©. Or only the good bits.

Speaking of anti establishment.
You organic nutjobs – you created an INDUSTRY. It is not organic anymore if it has to be driven cross country. The carbon foot print the so called “organic” shit leaves behind is so big that all organic-ness is fading away.
It isn’t possibly organic, if the interests of an INDUSTRY are at stake.

You want organic food?
Farm it!
You can’t, but want it? Find someone who DOES farm it! No, not the supermarket, again, not organic: just the regular shit, covered in dirt.
I mean like a friend. Or a small local farmer.
But not an industry.

Next up, in line at the organic supermarket on site, I see a stand from some woman who looks like she hadn’t seen fun since 1969, and on display, amongst other “goods”, was a DVD:

“We’re not vaccinating!” – well good. I hope you’re going to catch every disease there is a vaccine against. You, your spouse and your kid(s), whom you try and “protect” from poisoning due to vaccination…YOU DIM WITTED BAFOONS!

Don’t any of you dare and say that your kids didn’t get sick. Just DON’T!
There are only vaccinated people around your kid, including you, where should your kid get an infection from? Yes we need the vaccinations to KEEP the current level of infection free societies. Or even to eradicate certain diseases all to gether.
BTW: Vaccines aren’t antibiotics. In NO current vaccine is mercury an ingredient. Vaccines DO NOT cause autism, seizures, cancer, leukaemia or anything else.
Maybe a little fever. Not more.

Your kid is in special school, because your kid has always been that way, not because vaccinations brain damaged your kid.

If you believe any of the anti-vaccination propaganda, your fault. If you spread it, I believe you deserve to be beaten. If you then say “You people who vaccinate don’t love you children, because you inject them with poison!” I believe we can take custody of your kids away AND beat you.
We love our children and we give them vaccinations BECAUSE we love them. No illnesses should harm our kids. We do not believe in voodoo shit saving our kids from weird viruses.
Look, incense does not ward off viruses, weed helps in pain relief and some other stuff, but not in cases we have vaccines against.
They finally got an ebola vaccination.
If ebola was around you, would you refuse that vaccination too because it is poison?

One final thing about that. (And I know I piss off a lot of people with this, including friends of mine) If ANYONE tries to tell you ebola and aids are lies and they are only sideffects of vaccinations – lunacy. If someone says that ebola and HIV are developed viruses from some (US)lab – plausible.
Stupid and paranoid, but at least plausible.

No. Stop resisting, and show that you love your kids, and get them vaccinated against all the diseases that might end their lives or cause them misery (measels, rota, mumps, small pocks, and so fracking on).

No more organic farms for me.
No organic lies for me.
No hippies around me.
Take care, peace!

Farms (Beating the Virtual pt.”FarmHouseSlaughter”)

In addition to the subject of the asylum facebook:

What is up with with these farms?

I don’t get it people!
First there was Farmville on Necronomicon Facebook, then came MyLittleFarm, now I see ads (on TV!!!) for MyLittleFarmies.
What the actual fuck?
What is it with farms? Are people nowadays in desperate need of something simpler?

Is the life and misery of a farmer so much more desirable than our every day life? I can’t explain the success of (and demand for) these games any other way. Worrying about storms, hails, floods, draughts, a seven day work week, disease, vermin, … yeah. I want to be a farmer…fuck no.

WHY?Why on earth are these games so popular? I can understand some settlers: farms, lumbers, hunters, fishermen, warriors, armies and wars. OKAY.
But Farms?
Just the farms?
Jesus Harvesting Christ!

Isn’T ONE farm game enough? Did/do we really need MORE? Are there going to be even more? You want a farm, get yourself a lot, plant some stuff and tend to it. Real life farming, you know? Beat Monsanto the company that must not be named by planting your own food, but for the love of nature, god, society and everything that is just and true – stop playing farm games!