In addition to the subject of the asylum facebook:

What is up with with these farms?

I don’t get it people!
First there was Farmville on Necronomicon Facebook, then came MyLittleFarm, now I see ads (on TV!!!) for MyLittleFarmies.
What the actual fuck?
What is it with farms? Are people nowadays in desperate need of something simpler?

Is the life and misery of a farmer so much more desirable than our every day life? I can’t explain the success of (and demand for) these games any other way. Worrying about storms, hails, floods, draughts, a seven day work week, disease, vermin, … yeah. I want to be a farmer…fuck no.

WHY?Why on earth are these games so popular? I can understand some settlers: farms, lumbers, hunters, fishermen, warriors, armies and wars. OKAY.
But Farms?
Just the farms?
Jesus Harvesting Christ!

Isn’T ONE farm game enough? Did/do we really need MORE? Are there going to be even more? You want a farm, get yourself a lot, plant some stuff and tend to it. Real life farming, you know? Beat Monsanto the company that must not be named by planting your own food, but for the love of nature, god, society and everything that is just and true – stop playing farm games!