RAINBOWS!!!Rainbow faucet/showerhead.

Keeping with the hippy and shroom tradition, this will blow you into a new layer of consciousness! The LED rainbow showerhead! If you are bored by the dull, ever constant way the water trickles down to your body – here’s a solution for all you kids who were conceived by hippies, and who got used to LSD while in the womb and through breastmilk!

Honestly people, if you spend so much time in the shower you need soothing colors to take your mind to a new dimension – you have more pressing concerns to occupy your mind with….like paying the water bills! You’d have to work three jobs, AND prostitute yourself to maintain your shower bills, and you need more shower time to wash off that dirty feeling.
A viscous circle.

The ideal gift for your beloved Ex, make her feel the beautiful pain of rainbows…