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What is this supposed….

This Wookie egg, a contraption seemingly fashioned by Hagrid,

is actually a candle. What fucktart looked at a normal candle glass and then went “You know what this is missing? FUR!”

Who is this for? Who in their right mind is buying this shite?

I seriously hope that this is bait to put people on government watchlists odd some sort, this can’t be by/for normal people…

20. Dec. 2014

HarmonyThis decorative ornament called “Harmony” is a balance between the massive wooden ornament and the fragile, facetted acrylglass pendant below.
“Unwrap, hang, enjoy!”

Personally, this looks like a Question mark. If you want to be confuse for the rest of your life, spend the 6.99 for this gem and feel the heart warming harmony of utter, debilitating confusion.

There will be much rejoicing underneath this questionmark of harmony.