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The golden stair…

…as we all know, negative energies like hatred and envy are assoicated with fire and heat.
So they ascend, being clenased by the golden stair, they condensate on top and descend down again as pure bliss, luck and joy!

That is why churches are so tall, in order to allow for the negativity of people to ascend, be cleansed and descend again, purified and clean. An Archangel told me as I channeled at the foot of these stairs.

Great fact, the stairs work at the top level of a building, like a penthouse, or in the open, and every other storey. On the upper most etage the negativity of all the other tendants ascends to you and spoils the atmosphere. Hence it is imperative to cleanse it. The great thing about stair-magick is that, if you stand at the foot of the stairs the only way is up, and they represent an invitiation to the forces above to come to you! Since the only way you can go from the top of stairs, is down.

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If you fell for this, you deserve being robbed of your money by frauds

Insanity Break! Storytime…

I was entering the village stroke after midnight, expecting little to no activity on the streets and squares. But there was a huge bulk of people gathered around the local temple, and an old man in grey robes ran around the temple with his hair on fire. As I approached he doused the flames and approached me: “It has been stolen! Quick hero, thou must use thy skills and courage wisely, to reobtain our most sacred relict! The golden turd of wisom, otherwise known as bullshit!” he presented a repulsive tablecloth of once green color, it reeked of urin and stale wine. “This shall be your reward if you succeed!” after I inquired what it was he looked a little offended but continued: “The wise man’s cape of ignorance! Reduces your worries and helps you sleep sound.”
As I was in desperate need of some good night sleep I agreed to help…