We sent a picture of my son and another Baby (a girl) to my mom.

She didn’t recognize her own grandchild.

Some people said that he resembles me, others that he resembles his mother. I asked her whether she too thinks he looked like MY father on that picture.

No reaction. She didn’t recognize him.

My son wore a body that resembles a poloshirt, the girl (one day younger) wore a body that resembles a blouse, with a Minnie Mouse (pink bow) imprinted on the front.

She still didn’t figure out which one her grandSON is.


What the actual frak?

Is it really that difficult for a woman to lift her hind-qarters off the couch and go visit her grandhchild? I would excuse this if we wwould live hundreds of kilometers apart. WE DON’T!
We live in the same god damn city! Just dial us up: “Are you folks home this weekend? Great, I’d like to see my grandson! Let’s meet somewhere / Can I come over / Would you come here / etc.?”

It wounds me. She saw him three times, THREE. And can’t tell him from another baby, which is clearly clad in girls clothes. WHAT THE ACTUAL FRAK?!?

Hope your weekend was better…