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…were the first weapon made for one purpose, and one purpose alone: to kill a fellow human being.

There was homicide long before the invention of the sword, but primitve axes, knives, spears and bows were vital in our survival: hunting and killing game. It also could be used to kill another human. But the sword was made with only that intent.

It makes me wonder what went through the mind of the smith in question. “I’m so mad at these people, I’ll make a weapon that will put them to the ground once and for all!” If I’m mad enough to want to kill someone, I’ll probably just grab a club and beat them to a pulp. If I had to go to war in a pre-sword stoneage society – “grab some branches and roots boys, sharpen your knives and spears!”
But I wouldn’t have set aside material, time and manpower to make swords happen. But then again, I’m not a good leader…

After the sword came the crossbow, yes you read that right. The first crossbows were clumsy things, the bolts would slip out from the top if the device was lowered, so hunting with it was not an option, hence it was only good for one thing, and one thing alone: KILLING FELLOW HUMANS!

You can argue that guns were made for hunting, and I am willing to give you that – although the aim of ancient guns was so terrible that you could shoot an elephant at point blank and still MISS. But the automatic weapons are no good for hunting, unless you like your rabbit stew with more lead than meat, so we’re back at killing our fellow human beings.

I close this little excursion of mine with the portible rocket launcher, because there is no problem that can’t be solved with a suitable amount of explosives…


Gun nuts, are still nuts

I heard about the kid who shot dead his sister. He was five, she was two.
So far, I thought “Parents are irresponsible, leaving a gun lying around.” then I learned it was his riffle, there I thought “Parents are fucking assbags, these analfaces give their fiveyear old a riffle.”
Hold on.
Then I learned it was a “Children’s riffle”. What?
Let me repeat that slowly for you my lovelies. A riffle, specifically made for kids, a real one, one that actually shots and isn’t just “Bang, Bang” and made of plastic, no a REAL fucking riffle made for kids as young as five.
And here I want the parents shot. Not killed, but shot in the kneecaps and ellbows and left in a swamp fending for their lives.

But the more pressing issue here is – what derranged sack of shit makes these?
Oh right, NRA people.
That is just sick, a kid isn’t allowed to vote, drive, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes – SO IT HAS NO BUSINESS FIRING OR OWNING A REAL GUN!
I understand that certain third world countries have these – children soldiers and all – but a developed western country should castrate these people with a rusty spoon!

Please my american readers, friends, enemies and haters – change this crap. Let the kids be kids, and not little shits with guns!
Soon you’ll hear of a five year old who storm in his class room with such a thing and shoot down the teacher, some other kids and then cry for his mommy!
Every person defending guns for children is a driveling waste of perfectly good clothes, be it a politician or lowlife redneck parents.
Wasted genetic material, thieves of oxygen, water and food.

Make change happen.