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Crappy Easter 1/4

It is that yime of the year again, the one where the highest Christian holiday is taking place!

Yes, you read that right. This one is the highest Christian holiday, not that disturbing massdelusion of consumerism in December (for which I still need to make an index).

Anyhow, let us celebrate today’s alleged crucifixion of Jesus Christ, by carrying around colored eggs in this abominable paper trashbag


In all honesty, the transfixed stare this bag sports, paired with the small, but definitely recognisable smirk is more the stuff of nightmares, than glee and joy. Better keep it away from the kids, unless your little snowflakes from hell are already psychologically disturbed little demon spawns…

Fiendish Easter II


Now Easter has arrived in the obesity ward of Betty Ford, in the shape of these two creatures of hazard.
These two woodland critters are the three dimensional representation of something screaming “Type II diabetes!” on top of their lungs. A worthy part of the festivities celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…

Fiendish Easter I


Christians and their high.

I kinda got used to the Christmas shrooms by now, but this is getting ridiculously suspicious.
Easter/Spring shrooms? Really?

Be that as it may, kicking off this year’s easter on green Thursday, we skip the spinach and head right to the shrooms, you don’t want to be sober when Christ returns, do you?

T minus 7

Bash it in!Door knocker “Deer”.

“With this nostalig door knocker, your guests can make themselves heard in style.”

In style for a hunting party of rabbid dogs.

You want to scare the living Jesus out of the Jehovas Witnesses always coming to your door on Sunday’s around 6am? Have this door knocker!
Give this as a present to anyone you want to have on your enemy list. Unless you are reating a “Thaddeus Quincy Cockburn” tribute mansion, please refrain from purchasing this. Ideal gift for the ex after a devastatingly dirty divorce…