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From Zero to Hero, from Fame to Fail. (beating the virtual pt. 5)

Beforehand let me tell you, I am not belitteling the work some people had put into their “fame”.
I have told that to a fellow YouTuber who was critizing a certain YouTube celebrity for being a sell-out. The creator in question had built up a nice business, with himself as the star. It was quite some work, and as far as I know, it was quite by accident, since he wanted to do something entirely different originally.
I respect that. I respect the work and effort, I do not envy him, and by far am I not in a position to critizie him. To do that I would have to show something for myself.
And I have not much to show for.

Even if, it was the decision of these people, of that creator in question. The commenter had nothing to show for himself either.


I have to say that I have seen some people rise to fame on the net through the work they did, and they did it for the love they had for their work.
Any person who loves doing what they do, whether they become famous or not, deserves my respect, and to a certain degree, my loyalty. But as soon as the love gets pushed aside for the money, or the love for money, my loyalty crumbles away.
I dislike corporate sell-outs.
Yes, it is the free market, and the decision of these people, as many of them invest quite some money into their passion, it is only legitimate that they get some in return. But being annoyed the fuck out of my skull by 30 seconds of unskippable advertising before a video is making all respect I have/had vanish.

These people rose from basement located, single webcam using, talkers to entertainers who have several cameras, expensive equipement and quite a viewer base. – same thing goes for bloggers, minus the camera and expensive equipement (unless you’re foolish enough to buy Mac).
From zero to hero!

And now they think they can torment the viewers they had worked so hard for with mediocre, sometimes outright bad, videos (posts) and a ton of advertising. There is merchandise with their logos and feces[KILL] faces all over it (Spaceballs, anyone?) and we’re supposed to buy it. Flush money down the drain.
From fame to fail.

I am writing this with the full knowledge that I will never be as famous as they are, and even if, I’m way to weary of the consequences if I sell out.
Sure, it’d be fine to see my name on a book, not as an author of ONE story in an anthology (again), but as the ONLY author. I’d give a lot for that, but I decided to publish it here. There are things I leave out of the online publications (brutality, sex, others), that I’d include in a printed version (or published where I’d get money for it). But the gist of it is here. And it’s only a little percentage I’m leaving out. (less than 1%)
I once met a gal who writes for money. And for money only, not because she loves writing, but because she can write.
Flawlessly I have to admit. It is always well structured, well developed, and all in all flawless. But it lacks one thing.
Something that I missed in all her work, something I miss in newer videos of the people I talked about above – soul.
Form without function. To twist the phrase “Never judge a book by it’s cover” I’d have to say its all cover, but no book.

Just turn your attention to Hollywood,
I’d watch a crappy B-Movie, with bad actors, bad special effects that would make the 60s SFX departments look glorious, and cheesy oneliners but a GOOD story, rather than a 3 hour CGI fuckfest, A-List actors and directors, without one.
So I have to say:
Sloppy writing but good story – I’ll read it.
Crappy videos with a shaky cam but lots of heart and soul put into it – I’ll watch it.
B-Movie but a good story – I’ll see it.
And for all of these I’d even pay money, rather than a highly develeoped product with no content.

“If you’re good something, never do it for free.” – agreed. I chose my payment to be the “Likes” here.
Can’t buy anything for it, but I’d rather be a liked, likeable, broke author/blogger, than a shiny object of “admiration” with no content and no soul in my work.

BTW: I like you folks.
The moment the first Zed Episode received the first like my heart skipped a beat, my day got better in that very instant, and my determination to continue on was cemented.
I had tried before, but it was desasterous. This was my last attempt to make it as a blogger. And you made it happen!
Even if I stick with the current 28 followers until the end of (my) time – I thank you.
All of you.
I like you.
All of you.


Beating the virtual (part 3)

It was kinda cute when back in the early days some Schmuck opened up the group “If I can get 1 Million Likes my Wife lets me redecorate our home into a Pirateship!”.

Yeah. I liked that crap, because it was kinda cute and I wanted that guy to live his pirate dream!



It turned into a sort of Farce when the slogan came up “Can this Prezel have more likes than Tokio Hotel?”, I still participated, but it felt weird. (Yeah the nuthouse does that…)

But when I got served with the following two Facebook-exhibits, I lost all faith in humanity.

Exhibit A: A girl that sold on an auctioning platform a two month Facebook Relationship. You know, for two months she’d be listed as being in a relationship with you on facebook if you bid and won.
Exhibit B: “If I get 1 million likes C. will have sex with me!” – this is creeping me out on more levels than I care to admit. Congratiulations Bro, you got your 1 Mio.Likes, but don’t you feel like the most cheap ass dude on planet earth? ALL of the internet knows that you have (had?) a crush on C. and ALL of the internet knows that she didn’t really think you could get 1.000.000 Likes (last time I checked it was over 2 million!), which is why she made the deal, and ALL of the internet knows that you got to bang her (presumably). To the girl: WHORE!!!! You sold your coochie for an invisible, and non tangible thing, to a guy you didn’t want to have sex with in the first place!

You can’t buy anything with a like.

You can’t exchange a like into a real currency.

You can’t tell anybody without feeling an extremely overwhelming wave of SHAME. The stale feeling of having prostituted yourself for NOTHING will never fade, and never go away.

Quite literally – you’re fucked.

Ladies and Gentle men, I present to you – the birth of the Facebook-whore!


These two incidents reminded me of a story that I have read about on a no-quality British newspaper site: Two guys, both sixteen, were at court, as the victims of a woman who then was fourtyseven. They had vandalized the car of the womans exBF when they were thirteen. As a reward she had promised – and subsequently delivered – the two boys sex.

The one that had made the whole thing court known was the one I can’t understand here.

I would’ve kept my mouth shut.

He was lying on the bed and she was riding him. He stopped her before he came and left as his pal was going down on the woman. He felt emotionally scarred and dirty.

Which is why I would’ve kept my mouth fucking shut.

Despite the fact that I would’ve proceeded with the original plan like the second dude, even when thirteen, even IF I would feel dirty and would’ve aborted the intercourse – I’D HAVE SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

The world (and potential future mating partners) doesn’t need to know!


And last but not least, if you like this we will donate an imaginary dollar to starving children on Triton the seventh moon of Saturn, if you share it, your soul will be saved, if you ignore it, you will be sodomized by demons with burning spiked cocks.