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Nihilistic children…

I was at the playground with my son the other day, and while playing with him I overheard the most nihilistic thing I had ever heard. Especially from a kid.

Nothing is really fun or beautiful

(I am paraphrasing, as it needed translation)

With a kid like that you don’t need to save for college, but for therapy. The boy was around five or six years old and just blurted that line out. On the fucking playground. 

What is that kid’s outlook on life? Starting fires in daycare a year down the road because only the flames provide some warmth? Holy shit. 

Drag the kid to the therapist, medicate him before he’s full on psychotic! What are those parents reading him for bedtime? The collected works of Lovecraft?? This kid needs some serious help!

Thankfully no arson was committed that day. No sacrifice to the deep ones. Just playing on the frakking playground. 

For now. Because remember, nothing is really fun our beautiful. 

Take care (of your psycho kids),

T minus 11

Where am I?In case Grandma ever should forget to take her alzheimer’s medication, and becomes confused about her location, she got this piece of dust-collecting garbage for christmas:

“Where am I? Where the frak am I?” [looks around irritated and panicking, sees this] “Oh, I guess I’m home. What a relief!”…

Is this how it came to be?
In case you hate your new apartment so much you have to give it a more “home-ish” touch, buy this crap.

As an added bonus we sell you these owl cutouts, to solve your rodent problem…until they start eating the cutouts, then you’re fracked!