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I’ve read recently “Thanking god for saving your house in a tornado while your neighbors got hit is like wriking a Thank-You-Letter to a serial killer for killing the people next door but not you.” – I concur.

I can imagine that prayer going like this “Thank you dear god for destroying the Smiths, their property and cattle, but not us and ours. Thanks a lot, love Jon. Amen.”

News has it that the NSA has been reading our text messages (amongst monitorin our calls and our E-Mails). Now, I know that they filter it with a computer for certain words, but imagine the poor Fraker going through a text message suspicious conversation…
“I’m dropping a bomb on my parents.”
“Julie, this IS your mother! Again: WHAT???”

And that poor dude is just sitting there, not even able to flinch or smirk anymore.
Let alone laugh.
And because Julie once sent “Bomb” in a text message she’s under clsoer surveilance, after all, she might be writing in “code” now.
“Did you see teh dress that Kim is wearing? Oh Em Gee!” Poor Agent Smith is loosing the last bits of hope he had for the human race, and hopes for a Taliban Crazy to fly a plane into the NSA headqarters so his miserable life would find an end.

And of course, let’s not forget, the computer saw that Julie wrote her mum the word “Bomb” and now monitors the mother too more closely, and since she too might be writing in “code”, a living agent has to read her crap too. Perhaps even poor Agent Smith.
And now he knows that Julies Mom has an affair with Kim’s dad, and she found out, but to shut her up she bought Kim the hideous dress that Julie wrote about before….it’s worse than “The Bold and Beautiful”, and one day Agent Smith is found hanging in his garage, a suicide note lying next to him saying just “STFU!”…(Plottwist: Julie ALSO has an affair with Kim’s dad and he’s her baby’s father….)

There are news, and there are “news”. I recently stumbled upon a “news” blog here on WordPress. It’s in german, so most of you can be spared the pain, and honestly, I don’t want to give THEM any trackbacks or traffic, so there is no link or name.
But let me tell you that these people are as paranoid as they come. They make people who fear that Bush staged 9/11 and Obama is preparing a “Liberal Negro Takeover” pale im comparison. Let me just state right out here some contra facts: Toothpaste isn’t killing you. Vaccinations are your friend, not the enemy that increases hayfever (going back to ancient Babylon), causes cancer/mental illnes (falsified research in order to press charges) or death (WTF??). The only “New World Order” that is imposed on us is an economic one, and it will devour itself before it got going. So lean back and enjoy the warmest winter in recent european history.


Why do we allow only the dystopian nightmares to become reality but not the utopian dreams?

When I was a kid, I saw a clip. In it a man in a supermarket was stuffing groceries under his trench coat, looking around in a nervous fashion, then he bound for the door. Suddenly lasers were swooping him up and down, a guard – two meters tall and broad at the shoulders – approached him: “Your bill, sir.”

It was supposed to show us the wonderful wireless future technology! No mouthy cashier, no fumbling around with cash or card. No! It’s wireless heaven!

And boy, did that nightmare become reality!

RFID chips, folks. RFID chips.
They are printed on, or woven in, the packaging, and are completely inert. They give off no signals!
Unless they come in range of a scanner, drawing power from the ether, they tell the scanner “Brand X, carton of milk.” And all is added up by the computer.

Then the creditcard companies (and cellphone companies) came up with wireless payment schemes! Admitted the NFC is somewhat different, but by far.
Now the supermarket computer has your Brand X milk and creditcard number! WIRELESS!
In fact, soon, EVERY such scanner will. I won’t be surprised if public transport will soon have NFC and/or RFID scanners, making you traceable through town!

BigBrother is watching, and reading your encrypted mail. And listening to your skype, your phone calls and reading your texts! Yes the NSA.
I wonder why they bother, all the info they would ever want is freely available on Facebook! “Where are you?” “Who are you with?” “What are you doing?” – Am I the only one who thinks OAG should be the voice and face of facebook?

Back to the NSA, they should rebrand themselves and merge with facebook: INSABOOK. (InterNational Security Agency -book). All in one, let’s make it mandatory for people to have an account, implant them all with mandatory RFID chips, and let the security unfold.

Honestly. Why DO we allow the dystpian nightmares to unfold? We WANT an utopian society that has no money and works for the betterment of mankind (yes, Star Trek), but we give rise to an eerie mix of Robocop, Alien and 1984.


As a critical observer I enjoy poking at this, at a human – I weep for mankind.

If you have answers for my question(s), please feel free to reply to this post.