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NYE 2017/2018

Party animal, alright. 

Ever wanted to see a bull or a moose regurgitate wine, or champagne, or vinegar, or oil, or sauce from a bottle? Here you go! 

Whoever needed these was a sick person who needs counseling rather than be allowed corporate decisions.

I hope your new year turns out to be the worst ever if this is how you decide to celebrate it.

Crappy new year.

31. Dec. 2014


Crappy New Year’s!

Pin this on some Schmuck at tonight’s party to mark him/her as someone not to be taken home or kissed into the new year…

T minus NYE

Crappy New Year!You thought it was over, didn’t you?
Well, you were obviously wrong!

I present you with head gear (or decorations for your Christmas Hoe) for the second most important holiday in December. With these you’ll be the smash hit (literally SMASH and quite literally HIT) on every New Years Eve Party.

Looks good on a naked chick.
Guys, just…DON’T!