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T minus 6

Pervert!“Who’s peeking through the window there?”

It’s a creature from the depths of Satans Santas rejected toys dungeon.

You all know the routine, if there is someone outside your window, peeping in – shoot to kill. A load of birdshot to the face and NIels will never be the same.
IF you mount him on a streetside window, on groundlevel, facing OUTWARDS, it looks as if he’s trying to prey on little kids passing by. If you have an elemantary school in your area, this is the perfect piece for you. If you know someone who’m you suspect has an “Uncle Touchy’s naked puzzle basement”, give them this piece of Santas feces for christmas.

T minus 9

Holy shit!From the Website DoggyDolly I bring you:

“This romantic luxurious dog dress features fine laces and roses and petals on the upper part and three folds of black lace on the skirt.”

A dress, for your dog.
Black lace, roses and petals.

I’m almost at a lack of words for this. It would look cute on an eighteen year old human girl out on a date (resulting in breakfast), but a dog?

Seriously if you dress your dog in a “romantic” dress – you scare me! You should be weary around me, as I would ensure you stay FAR away from my family. (including our dog!)