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Pastel clouds in rolling winds,
vantage point up high,
moved in forces unseen,
touched by crimson hand,
brief celestial home,
soon dark,
soon gone.

For Levanja

Riven is the veil,
In twilight haze.
Lost the trail;
An infinite maze.
Broken the root,
In divine soil.
The chant turned mute;
Ended, the mortal coil.
Crimson rain,
On sunny morning.
Short eternal pain;
Etherous my mourning.
Garden of gloam,
Burned to cold ash.
Ravaged home;
Decayed the flesh.
The fountain dried,
Marble crumbling.
The garden died;
Tremor and rumbling.
Winterblossom torn,
Petals withered and pale.
Eternally sworn;
But riven is the veil.

Levanja, otherwise known as “Winterblossom”.

When the Seasons change from Winter into Spring, it is said that the spirits of the seasons meet.
Sometimes the spirits of winter and spring fall in love with one another.

But since Winter will end, and Spring will begin, their love has no future.

Weeping for their love, the spirits lament the ill fate of their love.
Where ever their tears land in the snow the Winterblossom sprouts:
Petals of ice, only a hint differently coloured.

Symbol of love.