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Irregular post! 22 July 2015

I haven’t done one of these in some time.

Or at least it feels like that.

As you know, I have been on vacation.

Beautiful Styria!
Ancient, long dead volcanoes, wine country, and hellish heat!
In the middle of the heat wave, we were out there. One would think forests, hills and mountains would provide for fresh and cool air – NOPE!
It was suffocating.
For a few days our son had a fever and diarrhea, making the trips shorter and fewer.

In the times between touristy trips I had hoped to get a bit of “work” done. You know – children stories, comedic bits, Christmas calendar pieces, editorial on RoF, reading…
Again, NOPE!
Once the little one was sound asleep – I was as well.

Well, a week after we had come back from Styria, real tragedy struck: Our beloved dog had to be put down. 😥
Hurts really deep.


Good night cutie.

Currently writing on episode 67, of (currently) planned 70. I write an episode a week.
Do the math.
Once I am done writing, editorial starts. In January I intend to start posting Rings of Fate, so Editorial needs to be swift…and thorough.

Hope to find the time to compile a review post of some(or one) of our trips.
Take care,


Please forgive my latest posts’ qualities.

I’m up to my neck in work – both at the office and at home, and my head sometimes isn’t right were it ought to be.  Hence my recent posts lacked a certain quality, especially in the publicize department.

On a more entertaining note: the old friend (that gave me the frights) was over for a visit on Saturday with his wife. Wonderful evening, but I think my wife was shocked to find that two sober, thirty something year old males could still remember the lyrics to Mila Superstar. 😀
(And my best friend does so too)

Again, please forgive the lack of quality recently, and if anything pisses you off about the quality – please comment. 😉