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Yes, it’s time for me to bitch about our apparent lack of understanding.

Sure, we have gained quite a lot of knowledge and experience over the course of the last – let’s say – ten thousand years. We moved out of the caves, domesticated animals, mastered fire, started agriculture, began the decent into madn…err..started monetary economies, and so on and so forth.

Interesting fact, although we have committed homicide before, the sword was the FIRST weapon with the SOLE purpose of killing fellow human beings. Show me one sword wielding motherfucker who goes out with the intention of killing a deer, and I show you a fake.

The latest incident at Fukushima – AGAIN the coolent pumps for the basins of old fuel rods had no power – made me write these lines. That and a comment in german on YouTube my best mate showed me. In essence the commenter said that of course the Eco-nuts were crawling out of the woodwork and bashed nuclear power because it’s trendy again. In the video he commented on an expert said that a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP from now on) shouldn’t be built in a seismic active zone, the commenter then added (Paraphrasing) “Did that idiot look at Japan? It’s all seismic active where else should they built one?!” (End Paraphrase)




Mankind thinks it know what it’s doing, when in fact it has no idea!

Need examples?

Here we go: Harrisburg, Rocky Flats, Windscale, Chernobyl, Fukushima.

Note: Hiroshima and Nagasaki were INTENDED so I’m not including them here.

The engineers and experts, specialists and workers at the sites of ALL of these incidents thought that they KNEW what they were doing, but had not the slightest idea. And it isn’t their fault. They are highly educated people who are ten times as smart as I am.

But the knowledge they had was insufficient.

The knowledge we as a species had was insufficient.

The entire fission process is a waste of material and loss of energy on a grand scale:

We have HIGHENERGY radiation shooting out of the nucleus as it is torn apart, do we use it?


What do we use?

The byproduct of the process – heat.

Genius. (again, not my material, insert the image here mentally)

The idiocy of our imagined expertise stretches FAR beyond the nuclear area:

Rare earths – windmills and smartphones use rare earths. In the later they are baked together in a way that makes them IRRETRIEVABLE, they can’t be recycled!

You read that right.

Can’t be recycled. So treat your iPhones and thingamamobs with care, if they break they turn to shit. And I am just as guilty as the next guy, as I have two of the god damn things! (Not iPhones though, I hate apple…)

Gasoline – we burn shit that is oozing out of the earth, and made our entire civilization dependent on it. Not only is that burning poisoning our atmosphere, heating our climate and just plain stupid, it is also destroying a FINITE resource. When the last drop of oil has been burnt our entire civilization stands before an abyss.

An abyss formerly filled with oil now void and ready to devour ALL our combustion engines. Which ALSO are highly inefficient.

A bit of gas is sprayed into the chamber, a piston rushes up and through the friction by the suddenly compressed mixture of air and gasoline enough heat is generated to ignite the gas, which then explodes, driving the piston back providing mechanical energy for the engine…ARE YOU STUPID? The keyword here is not explosion or friction-heat, or gasoline.

It’s heat! The shit explodes and HEAT is generated (surely light as well). Do we use that heat?


WHY? It’s lost, forever lost and gone. We use water to cool it, but we can’t use it!?

Who ever thought of the first engine as a model for the future and not of a funny invention that needs to be shelved – IDIOT!

And while we are talking oil – do you know how much oil is around you? Plastic, gasoline – sure we’re all aware of that. But it’s in our food (!) in our health-care products, in our wallets, in our clothes, in our beauty appliances and products….the list goes on. Would you smear raw oil on your skin? I wouldn’t…

Why do we use oil instead of other energy sources, and why do we waste valuable resources on iPhones? GREED!



Some Schmuck somewhere said “Hey, I can sell that.” and he did so. And he was rewarded with riches.


Another wonderful example for this is cigarettes. What are they good for?

Nothing. You don’t even get high.

I get Alcohol. I get Weed and other drugs that make you high or alter your perception of reality. But cigarettes?

Nothing. A short burst at first use or first use after a short break, that burst feels like weak knees.


Other than that – nothing. Answer: MONEY!

Why do we use uranium and plutonium in the NPPs instead of much easier handled and safer thorium?

Bombs. Plain and simple, bombs.

Researching both at the same time saved MONEY and TIME. Plus you can say you’re researching peaceful use of plutonium while you’re building the bomb.

This wonderfully links back to the sword:

Let there be blood!

Eager to kill one another, guided by the shiny object in our faces, we storm forward polluting everything in our wake.

We simply have no idea what we are doing…