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Beating the virtual (02.08.14)

I’m posting this irregularly instead of postponing it to some obscure Friday, this needs to be let out ASAP…

•)Fecesbook went down for 30 minutes and the shitheads call the cops because of this? Are you kidding me?!
Was crushing candy and trading geese really that important?? It went even so far that a police officer (or spokesperson) put out a tweet asking people to stop calling, because they didn’t know when it’ll be back, either!

•)Animal shelters across the UK notice a rise, if not a surge, in black animals being abandoned, especially black cats.
No, not because they’re the harbinger of ill fortune.
But because they are “no good for Facebook photos”…and you wonder why the servers had to take a 30 minute break from these morons?!

•)Amazon wishlist.
I don’t even know where to start.
Women (and girls I presume), are putting up a wishlist, if someone, even a total stranger, buys them their crap, they send him a semi-/nude pic.
A) that’s prostitution. If you know any female participating in this, call her what she is: a cheap whore.
B) it’s stupid. If you know any male purchasing crap for this, call him what he is: an idiot.

Don’t call any of the participants “perverts”, a pervert would be a dude asking a girl for her wishlist in return for a picture of her with a pine comb up her cootch. And she does it. THOSE are perverts.

You can find millions of naked women in the net.
Presumably some of them get their own kicks out of showing off. I believe tumblr is mostly living off of this.
I wouldn’t spend good cash for shit I don’t get (which will influence my amazon suggestions), just to see a semi-/naked photo of some bimbo.
Listen here gou twatfaces: for the amount of cash you want me/us to waste on you, I expect something more than just pictures! (No, not videos. Figure it out…)
And if pictures are all you’re willing to give, I’d only dote a few cents on you, so if you have a kindle, we can strike up a deal for an eBook. (As if you people ever read anything else than Facebook comments and tweets!)

Things ain’t right no more…(TARNM)

Alright people, we need to talk.

• If I hear “Land of the free!” ever again from some american schmuck, I’ll grab a Tomahawk and bash heads in! Unless you patriotic bafoons return ALL of the land your ancestors stole from the natives, and all of the native nations still existent today are empowered to their rights – shut the frak up!! “Indians” are still living in reservations, reservations they did NOT choose!!
Do I even have to tackle “slavery”? People who want to be FREE, and proclaim that all men were created equal (and thus FREE) depending on slaves…a bunch of idiots.

• From 1920 to 1933 the U.S. experimented with something they called “Prohibition”, banning alcohol and making it illegal to consume, sell or produce. Never before, or since, have there been so many drunk people, people dying from alcohol poisoning than in that era.

Taking this little excourse into history, let’s reflect upon feminist-zealots and catholic dickheads newest “grand idea” in my country: Ban Prostitution.
Yeah, that’s brilliant! Give prositution, and visiting a prostitute, the thrill of the forbidden! Good idea, I’m sure the currently in place free of charge, mandatory healthchecks for prostitutes play NO role what so ever in containing STDs. And STDs, human trafficking, forced prostitution, related drug crimes, related violence, related murder wouldn’t surge drastically.
Not even a bit….you idiots!

When ever someone suggests to outlaw prostitution in the name of feminism, you can rest assured it was not said out of concern for women. Just a publicity stunt.
One that, I hope, backfires.

• Not available in your country.
Frak you! So, you want to LEGALLY watch, let’s say, TV Show episodes outside the US that *just* aired, and then these frakkers give you this bullshit.
What’s left to do?
Raise the black flag of course!! ARR!
When Stargate SG1 was still fresh and new I downloaded (illegally) fresh episodes. In the beginning the files were crap. 150MB per episode, so the video could be watched if the window size was about the size of a stamp, and the audio was muffled as if behind a waterstream. I watched them anyways, and as soon as ALL of SG1 was aailable on DVD, I bought it!
Here’s my idea for the studio blokes: Air that stuff, and the next day throw out a bad quality file into the torrent sphere (save pirate bay!) with an advert in the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end (keep the sponsors happy!) and be done with it. As soon as your show is out on DVD/BluRay/etc. – sales will soar! (unless your show is crap of course…but as Firefly shows us, shows that perform badly on Air can be brilliant otherwise…)

• Suspended!
A six year old is being suspended from school for “Sexual herassment” because he kissed a girl (that likes him too) on the hand!
Well. Besides the fact that the mother is outraged because she now has to answer questions like “Mommy, what’s sex?”, I’m asking myself what kind of deranged idiots made that decision. There is a picture of my five months old with a girl that is one day younger than him. He lies on his back, she is halfway over him, they’re cuddling.
By the reasoning of these lunatics our kids would need counseling and sex ed before they even know what peepee parts they have.
Stop being so afraid of sex. It’s natural. Stop labeling something as sexual when it is clearly innocent. Stop being ridiculous.

Beating the virtual (part 3)

It was kinda cute when back in the early days some Schmuck opened up the group “If I can get 1 Million Likes my Wife lets me redecorate our home into a Pirateship!”.

Yeah. I liked that crap, because it was kinda cute and I wanted that guy to live his pirate dream!



It turned into a sort of Farce when the slogan came up “Can this Prezel have more likes than Tokio Hotel?”, I still participated, but it felt weird. (Yeah the nuthouse does that…)

But when I got served with the following two Facebook-exhibits, I lost all faith in humanity.

Exhibit A: A girl that sold on an auctioning platform a two month Facebook Relationship. You know, for two months she’d be listed as being in a relationship with you on facebook if you bid and won.
Exhibit B: “If I get 1 million likes C. will have sex with me!” – this is creeping me out on more levels than I care to admit. Congratiulations Bro, you got your 1 Mio.Likes, but don’t you feel like the most cheap ass dude on planet earth? ALL of the internet knows that you have (had?) a crush on C. and ALL of the internet knows that she didn’t really think you could get 1.000.000 Likes (last time I checked it was over 2 million!), which is why she made the deal, and ALL of the internet knows that you got to bang her (presumably). To the girl: WHORE!!!! You sold your coochie for an invisible, and non tangible thing, to a guy you didn’t want to have sex with in the first place!

You can’t buy anything with a like.

You can’t exchange a like into a real currency.

You can’t tell anybody without feeling an extremely overwhelming wave of SHAME. The stale feeling of having prostituted yourself for NOTHING will never fade, and never go away.

Quite literally – you’re fucked.

Ladies and Gentle men, I present to you – the birth of the Facebook-whore!


These two incidents reminded me of a story that I have read about on a no-quality British newspaper site: Two guys, both sixteen, were at court, as the victims of a woman who then was fourtyseven. They had vandalized the car of the womans exBF when they were thirteen. As a reward she had promised – and subsequently delivered – the two boys sex.

The one that had made the whole thing court known was the one I can’t understand here.

I would’ve kept my mouth shut.

He was lying on the bed and she was riding him. He stopped her before he came and left as his pal was going down on the woman. He felt emotionally scarred and dirty.

Which is why I would’ve kept my mouth fucking shut.

Despite the fact that I would’ve proceeded with the original plan like the second dude, even when thirteen, even IF I would feel dirty and would’ve aborted the intercourse – I’D HAVE SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

The world (and potential future mating partners) doesn’t need to know!


And last but not least, if you like this we will donate an imaginary dollar to starving children on Triton the seventh moon of Saturn, if you share it, your soul will be saved, if you ignore it, you will be sodomized by demons with burning spiked cocks.