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09. Dec. 2014


Dishwashing sponge.
Well, this is so racist I shouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole… but since it is obviously on sale…

The obvious racist problem aside, flower power was in the 60s, this is Disco Stu’s (bored) African-American cousin from the 70s, but still, give away a nice little racial slur to your foes this year!

I wrote this about a year ago. I hate racists and racism, in light of my christmascalendar this offensive item is tolerable. “Gifts for enemies”, remember? In light of recent events (#ICantBreathe) it is even more offensive than it already was when I discovered the thing.

Please support the cause against racism!
And don’t you ever buy crap like this.

All this, and we are WHERE?

In my pocket I carry with me a device that combines devices that twenty ayears ago would’Ve required me to carry a large suitcase with me. Or a ladderwagon.

A video camera, a photo camera, a computer, a music player, a small TV, a gaming console, a voice recorder, a telefone and I can send text and multimedia messages to other people too!!

And we are still depending on OIL? With the same basic engine design from more than a hundred years ago? REALLY?? We have Star Trek Technology (partially) and we still rely on that sort of technology? What are we retarded?

We put a man on the moon for cryin’ out loud! Which brings me to another issue…

Humanity had a chance to change it’s ways back in 69. Not because of the drugfest at woodstock.
The moonlanding you fraktards!

As soon as the first image of earth from the moon appeared, so small, so tiny and fragile – mankind should’ve sat down and said “You know what? All our differences, skin colors, ethnicities, cultures and religions – Frak it! We are ONE people.”
They failed.
There was another chance. When Voyager (one or two, I don’t remember) beamed back the image of earth only “a spec of dust suspended in a sunbeam” (to quote Carl Sagan), mankind should’Ve sat on their asses and realize – what ever our difficulties, frack that shit! We are insignificant critters on an insignificant planet in an insignificant solarsystem, in an insignificant galaxy. Our problems with one another don’t mean shit!

What happened?? We still have racism! White cops shoot black unarmed teens, SEVERAL TIMES. More racism arises in the aftermath! WHAT???
Cavemen didn’t behave so stupidly!
If at least the people would fight over meaningful stuff – food, water, land – but because of race? Because they think someone elses fairygodfather has a bigger dick? BEcause of fracking OIL???

Okay, here’s my challenge – BEHAVE LIKE ADULTS!

Just because someone is of another “race”, ethnicity, sexuality, religion – is not reason to hate someone. Is not reason to kill someone. Y’all are behaving like little kids who want someone elses sandcastle instead of building your own.

And if you’re participating in the ALS IceBucket challenge – GIVE SOME FUCKING MONEY! Donate! And send the bucket of ice water to thirsty kids in Africa, you numbnuts!
Seriously, you’re all behaving like little kids, retarted little kids. (no offense to actually mentally handicapped people!)

Here’s my challenge, accept it, or leave my planet.

Clarkson’s N-word…

I am against racism, or any of that bullshit that puts a blend of people in a drawer and a label.

Suit and tie wearing executives aren’t a blend of people I can tolerate. Never have they produced anything, let alone something useful.

Jeremy Clarkson, if he is so controversial as the BBC spokespeople claim, he is not allowed to script his own lines! At least if someone would be ao controversial under MY authority, I wouldn’t allow them that. That means some schmuck has actually green lighted the script where Jezza had to use the rhyme with the N word in it. Or he isn’t as controversial and he decided on his own.

When it came to cutting,  some asshole ACTIVELY sought the bad version (not enough mumbling, no substitute) and gave that away – dear BBC, you don’t have a racist problem with Jeremy Clarkson, you have a security problem with your cutting room personnel. Next they’ll leak out secret scenes from tele novellas, making your efforts to secrecy useless.
Seriously,  the mumbled versions should’ve been deleted, virtual trash bin emptied right away – if only physical copies existed, the material should’ve been cut, burned and thrown away. In that exact order.

Or a suit and tie wants Clarkson gone. Deliberately attacking him.

Now, it doesn’t matter, really. Just some theories of a crazy fan, but I think the incident itself is laden with more controversy than Jezza alone could ever hold.
What’s been done and claimed, is done and claimed. Harm done.

I hope they’ll leave Clarkson alone now, and I hope for many more seasons of TopGear, and special programmes with Clarkson (and Hammond and May respectively).

Before I close this post of mine, I think the N word needs to either die out, or come back without the implied racism. Either a word is racist and bad – then we must punish every rapper and other black person currently using the N word freely, just as we would punish a white person (admit it, the way tolerance of the usage of the N word depends on the users racial background is in itself highly racist!), OR white people can drop the N word just as casually as black people. Personally I prefer the first one.
N word prohibition for all people.

With that said, I bid you a sunny and nice Sunday.
Take care,