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Customer service

my balls.
I know I am not the first, nor the last, to complain about this, but the recently received email angered me.

“Please rate”, your transaction, your business partner, your product,  our service, your business partner’s service, etc.
What are you? An insecure idiot that wants constant approval? “Was it good for you?” What if I say no?

How is this customer friendly? You’re feeding me with unsaturated hatred! I rarely, if ever, read any user reviews on products onamazonline, because 99% of them are either written when angry (probably due to end-user-failure, hint: replace user and retry!) or when so high that Keith Richards seems like an anti drug activist. The last 1% is on books.
I never read any reviews of business partners, because WHO CARES?, I need that shit, and I need it asap, not in 3 weeks when the other seller is restocked. So I order it from them. Period.

It’s this constant IN YOUR FACE politics of online retailers that make me understand pirating even more. (Money and time aspect aside)
Pirate bay isn’t going berserk in your face upon your second visit: “People who downloaded that disgusting crap you downloaded last week, also viewed this weird shit, and many downloaded that sick crap! Please don’t forget to rate and review your download! Please tell us how you felt about the people you downloaded from. How do you like our service?”

I wish I had a Canon.
No, not a product from that company, but one that makes rather large holes into people, buildings and landscapes. With my canon I would shoot at the idiots over at Canon.

Why the sudden homicidal outburst?

Imagine you have an important document to scan, and you have this fancy Scanner-Printer-Fax combo at home (or your office for that matter). Sorry, but unless you refill your INK you can’t SCAN shit!!!
If I find out who thought that, that would be a good idea, hide from my canon. And no, you can’t switch to scanning to skip that annoying little obstacle. Wish it was that easy…

BTW: a fax? Why not send it over on a dinosaur?



Why do we allow only the dystopian nightmares to become reality but not the utopian dreams?

When I was a kid, I saw a clip. In it a man in a supermarket was stuffing groceries under his trench coat, looking around in a nervous fashion, then he bound for the door. Suddenly lasers were swooping him up and down, a guard – two meters tall and broad at the shoulders – approached him: “Your bill, sir.”

It was supposed to show us the wonderful wireless future technology! No mouthy cashier, no fumbling around with cash or card. No! It’s wireless heaven!

And boy, did that nightmare become reality!

RFID chips, folks. RFID chips.
They are printed on, or woven in, the packaging, and are completely inert. They give off no signals!
Unless they come in range of a scanner, drawing power from the ether, they tell the scanner “Brand X, carton of milk.” And all is added up by the computer.

Then the creditcard companies (and cellphone companies) came up with wireless payment schemes! Admitted the NFC is somewhat different, but by far.
Now the supermarket computer has your Brand X milk and creditcard number! WIRELESS!
In fact, soon, EVERY such scanner will. I won’t be surprised if public transport will soon have NFC and/or RFID scanners, making you traceable through town!

BigBrother is watching, and reading your encrypted mail. And listening to your skype, your phone calls and reading your texts! Yes the NSA.
I wonder why they bother, all the info they would ever want is freely available on Facebook! “Where are you?” “Who are you with?” “What are you doing?” – Am I the only one who thinks OAG should be the voice and face of facebook?

Back to the NSA, they should rebrand themselves and merge with facebook: INSABOOK. (InterNational Security Agency -book). All in one, let’s make it mandatory for people to have an account, implant them all with mandatory RFID chips, and let the security unfold.

Honestly. Why DO we allow the dystpian nightmares to unfold? We WANT an utopian society that has no money and works for the betterment of mankind (yes, Star Trek), but we give rise to an eerie mix of Robocop, Alien and 1984.


As a critical observer I enjoy poking at this, at a human – I weep for mankind.

If you have answers for my question(s), please feel free to reply to this post.