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Mea culpa

I forgot to post yesterday!

Neither did the world end, nor did anyone of y’all complain.

Indulge in a nice picture

Why this one? Because the tv show the expanse is threatened with cancellation.

If you can, tune in LIVE on Wednesdays on SyFy to watch it, if you DVR it watch it within 3 days (so the view counts). The more people watch the better the numbers, either SyFy won’t cancel, or another station is picking it up.

Help where you can.

Life ain’t that hard, love.

Since I’ve been reading in the newspaper recently about a new “edgy” dating show on TV, where the single individual and the applicants to win her heart, are all blindfolded and kiss, so she can, in the end, select one of the kissers based on his “oral”skills, despite never having seen one of them nor knowing anything about their personality, I have decided to break out the old advice column.

Look people, finding love isn’t that hard, to find someone to date, follow these simple instructions:

♥”To know where you’re going, you must know where you come from.”, meaning: define your own fucking interests! Write that shit down if you have to. (For example: “I like wading through manure naked, bathing in swine intestines and reading racist manifestos of psychotoc mass murderers.”)
♥Your standards are not everything. If you are single for a considerably long time (5+ years, I’d say; a year and a half is a hiatus, not a drama) and you desperately want to change it, but can’t seem to find the right one, maybe the problem isn’t “them”, but you and your standards. Tweak them. (For example, if you are looking for a super nerdy Taylor Swift lookalike that is into fat older guys whose most romantic activity is taking long walks on the beach in warcraft, and could name every character ever in Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr.Who – give up.)
♥Now that you have your interests and tweaked standards ready, go out. Meet people (of your preferred gender) and talk to them. During online dating just make sure that you’re chatting with whom you think you are. (Video chats are a thing.)
♥Do not fuck right away! Sure before you eventually invest a ton of time in the other person, or even consider marriage, you want to know whether they are any good in bed. On the second or third date. For the first one the following applies: You can kiss, but no fucking.
That’s desperate, or cheap. Which brings me to…
♥”I’m running this monkey farm now Frankenstein, and I want to know what the fuck you’re doing with my time?!” Meaning, don’t waste everybody’s time. You need someone who has brains. Let’s be honest, the purchase and maintenance of a blowup(fuck)doll is cheaper in the long run, than supporting a bimbo (of any gender) that looks good, but is dumber than dog shit floating on piss, who is good for one thing, and one thing alone – intercourse.
♥Times goes by. Do not rush things. If you get pregnant right away, or married after a month or two of you two meeting – shit might hit the fan! Take your time!
♥Pink glasses – it may irritate you if a jaded old frak like me says this, but of you don’t have the pink glasses feeling, you ain’t in love. Additionally, once the pink glasses feeling fades away, and the shininess of the relationship has been replaced by the same old routine, and you still couldn’t live without the other person – congratulations! That, is love.

There. Fixed that problem before it could fester and give you an inflammation of the heart. One last thing: a healthy, stable relationship needs trust, effort and work. You’ll need to compromise on many things, and share both laughter and tears.

Now I know that none of these “dating shows” are real. They’re highly scripted mini series depicting people with various damages to their psyche. But the idea(l)s and themes they transplant into people’s heads are real, and the consequences are. 
Stop watching any of this gobshite.

Take care, A.

The X-Files

Good Morning, it’s 5.17 am, and because my scumbag body woke me up an hour early, I can enjoy watching a DVD.

To be more specific, an episode of a TV Show, on DVD.

The X-Files are twenty years old this year. Twenty!
But the X-Files were only possible in the early 90s. If you were to re-shoot it today , you’d get frustrated pretty soon. Mulder would be a fat, bloated guy with a beard-shade that would make Aragorn look like freshly shaved. He is online 24/7, newsgroups, MySpace / Facebook pages, youtube channels – all linking to the paranormal and aliens / UFOs. Scully would even be more cynical, since she has to repel the crazy paranoid shit he gets from the net.

They would navigate with their smart-phones, Mulder would google stuff on it and try to prove his partner wrong who can provide ten counterarguments from the top of her head, sometimes has to google it though.

You can distort the good old X-Files to modern day parameters, it is fun, go ahead, just post your imagination of X-Files 2013 (aside the fact that Mulder would be terribly disappointed that the Aliens had not attacked on 21st Dec. 2012)!
But, X-Files still gives me an intense story. Even if I twist and tear the setting to the crazy world we live in now, the stories behind the series are damn intense.

Still watching, I bid you a nice day (yeah, I lay that burden on you, just ask George Carlin).