So, the miller has a loud mouth and brags to the king about his daughter that can make gold out of straw. King abducts the girl and locks her in a room with straw telling her to do it, or else she’s dead. Buhu, crying girl attracts IMp (Rumpelstiltskin) who offers help in return for her ring.
Second night of abduction, same story bigger room, more straw. Imp returns and wants the necklace. Deal.
Third night, even bigger room, even more straw, king says “Do it or I’ll behead you, if you get it done by dawn I’ll marry you.” – aaaaand here is where I start having REALLY big troubles with this story. In her place I would’ve cried again to make the Imp return, let the haggling begin and when he says “Give me your first born child” I would’ve said “Better deal, I’ll let YOU have my cootch, but in return, kill the king for me!”.
As we all know, that’s not what has happened in the fairytale. No. She agrees to his terms and conditions (without reading them I suppose, just like the rest of us) and she marries the king, and has a baby later on (by said king) – really? Are all women in these stories suffering from sever Stockholm Syndrome?
The courier, or hunter overhears Rumpelstiltskin chant his name and tells her, so she can keep the kid while Rumpelstiltskin tears himself in two! Gore factor, achieved. Abduction for marriage counting on Stockholm Syndrome, achieved.

You all know the story, and you all know the setting: A teenager lives alone with seven men. And she has to do the “household chores”. Guess what that includes?
But then she chokes on an apple, and supposedly dies. The prince then takes the dead girls body with him because she is soooo pretty. Possible Necrophilia! What fun times we live in, at least it isn’t Stockholme again.
She reawakens the bwitch is defeated and all is well…only the poor dwarves have now to do their “chores” themselves again.

Snow-White and Rose-Red (german: Schneeweißchen & Rosenrot):
I’m mentioning this, mostly just because of this:

That’s right a brothel is advertising with fairytale characters. Kudos!
Although I should mention here that two kids letting a bear live in their house for the winter should’Ve been eaten, even if the critter can talk. In the end the gnome who had enchanted the prince into a bear dies and the prince marries one of the girls and the other got his brother (woohoo, poor girl is the loser here, since she get’s the perpetual prince)