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Crappy Birthday in August 2017

Got that detestable garbage human Hipster scum in your circle of acquaintances?

Their birthday is coming up?


These revolting socks are the perfect gift, for a perfect asshole. They will surely like it, because it is before they are cool, because they’ll never be cool. And these socks a shining (or screamingly loud) warning beacon. 

Warn others. Gift these socks.

Crappy Birthday.

The real gift! ^^


For just 9.99$ you can wear your heart out…on your legs.
Discreet and not visible to everybody that you’re in the Valentines mood, this is also not a death sentence for innocent flora, nor a possible diabetes overload in a heart shaped box.

This goes perfect with last Christmas’ Vajazzling! Nothing says “I love you” like silly knee socks and genital herpes from space.