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The crux of GMOs

Originally I was always against GMOs. As some of you might recall (or will read while browsing my archive).

Simply because we have more than enough food to go around, it just doesn’t really “go around”.
The rich industrial countries hog all the resources, throw much of the abundance away, while the poorer and less fortunate countries hunger.


Yes, there’s a ‘but’ involved.
We can feed the hungry by planting GMOs right outside their doors. Plants modified to withstand droughts, or brack water.
We could grow meat from stemcells in the lab, thus ending the despicable conditions that many food animals have to endure. (Also ending those animals BTW). Perhaps some vegetarians who avoid meat for the conditions the animals live in will return to it.

There are sources crying out for outlawing all GMOs, and for more organic foods.
But there is a little problem my lovelies: Almost everything we humans eat is, to some extent, altered. (Also, not realising that EVERYTHING is organic, if it weren’t, it’d ooze in from another universe or dimension.)

No food-crop that we plant today is occuring in nature. We interfered with their evolution, crossed them (like through grafting) with others, bred only the most meat and milk producing cows and pigs, the chickens laying the bigger/more eggs, etc.
These plants and animals did not evolve like that on their own.
We altered them.
Even your most basic organic stuff is a GMO, if you break it down to it’s origins. We made it that way, just because we did it without a lab, does not matter. It is MODIFIED.

Adressing the issues with GMOs concerning the safety – I can not. I’m not a scientist, and I don’t pretend to know it all. Unlike other groups and people.
It is, however, funny, and it gives me reason to pause and doubt many claims of the anti-GMO-movement, when seeing that their sources for, or melting pots of, information, are also the same places the Chemtrail people and anti-vaxxers (proDeath people) go for information.

While I am opening up for GMOs, I also think we need to be cautious. Too often we rushed crap into production and flooded the market with it, only later realising there were either adverse effects, or better solutions.

The GMOs everyone is filling their panties with poop over, they need to be tested.
Human tested.
Gather a group of volunteers and supply them with this stuff, which was grown in a hermetically sealed greenhouse.
Letting the GMOs grow in open nature can be devastating, due to the same facts that brining foreign species into an ecosystem is dangerous. Native species, both benign and malign, might get wiped or at least endangered. Ask Austrialia how that went for the indigenous species in the past.

How long should they be tested? A year in the minimum, ten years if you want to make sure that the poisonous plants designed to kill pests, so we won’t need pesticides, won’t kille us too. Or turn people into poisonoues timebombs. “Venomous ejaculations” sounds like a B-Movie from the seventies.
But we don’t need to go to the act of making sex, a nice long kiss, and you (almost) kill your partner – no one want’s to be Rogue (X-Men). Trust me. No one.
Diatary changes don’t show up immediately. I ate a lot of Tobasco in my youth. A friggin lot.
It went well for some time – a few years at least – but after some time I got footed the bill. If I eat too spicy food now, an hour later I need to rush to the restroom in agony. And that’s where the fire is truly lit. (If you catch my drift)

GMOs hold great potential for the future of mankind. They should not be dismissed easily, but not rushed out foolishly either. Sadly often enough things these days (including GMOs) are rushed for the quick buck.
The next time one of your root nibbling friends, or some hayheaded politian wants them banned, remind them, EVERYTHING we eat is Genetically Modified (the “GM” part of “GMO”), because humans interfered with it’s evolution through (cross-) breeding.
Next time someone want GMOs released on the fields, remind them of Australia, it’s a prime example, but there are actually many more.

Until then, scientists, keep working. The future needs you, and the rest of us will continue to battle stupid, and remain hopeful for the future.
I want the future to arrive, at least in my lifetime. To paraphrase from Assassins Creed “Embers”: I know I don’T have enough time to see everything, but the way things are going, I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to see anything.

Take care,

Life ain’t that hard: Fashion

If you’re one of the eye cancer ridden bastards who runs around buying shit from Paris and Milan, a blind sailor wouldn’t put on his dead gay uncle, now used as scarecrow, then you deserve to die of bankruptcy.
But this isn’t why I’m writing this.

I will jot make a distinction between male and female fashion, that would be below my standards.
So, you want to have something fashionable to wear in public, here’s the rules:

1. Decency. Above all else, decency. Not too tight, not too short, not too see-through. Decent.
2. Affordability. No brands that deliver nothing but a name, no cloth that delivers nothing but a legend. Decent, affordable.
3. Appealing.
3.a. If it is revolting/a potato-sack/worn-looking/camouflage/animalskin print, don’t. Just don’t. I will find you, and I will hurt you.
3.b. Avoid colors they use in hi-viz jackets, post-it notes and markers/highlighters.
3.c. No paintings on your clothing! Nor any other form of weirdness. No printed out photos that have been transformed into a fullblown tragedy in the shape of pants! No vomit stain Hardy, no cat-space-dolphin-jesus picture hoodies/underpants/whatever.
(Allowed are: logos, bandshirts, and the likes)
4. Matching. I guess this goes without saying. Pink sneakers (see 3.b.) green linen pants (3.a.) and a sweater with a cat staring at the orion nebula (3.c.) don’t go together. Nor do red heels, with a beige skirt and a black blouse. Matching colors. If you’re colourblind, go with black. Decent, affordable, appealing, matching colors.
5. No trends! If you follow a certain trend/fashion/style you deserve your empty wallets. If you have to dress a certain way to fit in with your peers, your peers are obviously as shallow as the muddy quagmire your social group just emerged from.
Decent, affordable, appealing, matching colored, individual.
6. Accessoires. Holy shit! Be subtle, don’t decorate yourself like a Christmas tree, or an Indian bride on her wedding day. Subtle, people. Look it up if you’re unfamiliar with the word.
Decent, affordable, appealing, matching colored, individual, subtle.
7. Footwear. Keep to the guidelines so far, and add that if you want eccentric, or uber-sexy shoes – don’t. High heels, weird boots and the likes belong in the bedroom, or wherever you choose to copulate.
Flipflops belong to the beach or the bath. Sandals belong in the trash, but if you must – leave the socks!

That would be all, this is just a rough guideline, no specifics, nothing gender specific either. There is something that needs to be said to the women folk out there, however:
8. If you wear a T-Shirt that spans text over your bosom, don’t be offended if people (men in particular) are looking there (presumably reading).

Alright. Now, I’m done.
I hope you find this list useful, and are carrying it with you on your next shopping tour, and before I leave you with this, theres a final item on this list:
9. If your shopping experience takes up more than 3 hours for 6 different stores, you’re doing it wrong. Return all items and start over!

Life ain’t that hard: Selfie-sh

This selfie craze is getting out of hand.

I know that you younger folks have a disconnected feeling of self, and thus are, oddly enough, self obsessed. But walking down a street, like I witnessed with mine own eyes (!), making faces like spastic attacks, while having one arm extended with the cellphone/camera isn’t helping your selfrecognition.
It’s helping you find the fastest way to the nearest doctor. And I ain’t talking “Doctor Who” here. Long story short:

Stop taking Selfies!

You want nice pictures of yourselves? Here’s a short simple guide:
1. Take people with you!
2. Go to nice (/exotic/weird/”cool”/alloftheabove) locations
3. Take pictures of one another!
4. Don’t pose, don’t act. Just be.
5. Minimalistic brush up. (Close to no photoshop)
6. If you must, ask either a stranger, or use the timer and a stand to take a selfie, no holding of the camera/cellphone or use of mirror/trans-dimensional-portal.

Take this as advice from someone who managed to evade pictures/photos/cameras from ages 14-20…