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Airrefresheners / Room sprays

A word to the people who make these: thank you for trying to combat the stenches of life, now would you kindly STOP MAKING EVERYTHING WORSE???


The image here is in German, it reads “Heaven freshness” and Lavender …. what DOES heaven actually smell like?
Really, I mean?
Thin air?
Ionised solar particles, allegedly smelling like welding?
This stuff don’t smell like that!
Or is it the limb removing cold they try to reach? Trust me – you can’t with a plastic bottle stored at room temperature.

And lavender!
We have lavender at home, and I can tell you that whatever this stuff smells like, it is not lavender.
If this label was honest it’d say “this smells like the color pink”. (Note, it doesn’t say “heavenly freshness” = “himmlische frische”)

Speaking of the label – Aqua Nature?
Come on!
This is as far from Nature as (in)humanly possible, a name like that isn’t even acceptable for some fancy, bottled water, and definitely not for an airrefreshener!
And while we’re at it, water is color and odorless.
So, no, you can’t call your heavy scented, chemical cluster frak anything related to water, or nature.

Before I close today’s post, one last thing: I hope that the date printed on the back of this is the date it was bottled, not an expiration date. Because if it is one, we have long run out of it, which might explain the stenchsmell…

Take care, and open a damn window, people…

Good News! “PUBER” has been arrested!

Finally after months and months with his “graffity” showing up everywhere in town, he has been arrested yesterday!


I’m still convinced that the 30year old has missed PUBERty (oder auch “PUBERtät” für uns Deutschsprachige hier) and thusly he sprays that everywhere.


Now let that disrgace to every honest sprayer, every graffity artist who ever lived rot in his cell. Or better yet, clean up his shitty tags and repay the damages he has caused. Gladly, he not only did that spray thing, but also had forged papers in his possession.
So a longer sentence can be expected.

Take care,