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10 February 2017


The storm’s still raging. The current geopolitical, and geosocial situation is a disaster, my country’s situation is stable, but odd (alternativefacts are abundant, eventhough I do not live in the US).

My personal status is … well, it is.

Hope you folks liked the RoF Season 1 bulk posting at the end of January, there will be a bulk posting of Season 2, but we’ll see when that happens. (Instead of an Adventcalendar? Only throughout January 2018? At the end of it? We’ll se, we’ll see.)

Hope you folks are well, while battle my inner demons, and the exterior crushing bullshit hail…

Take care,

A hard year…

It has been a hard year since disaster struck.

I can hear the undead outside my door. No matter how many of them we kill, more keep coming! I suspect it has to do with the alien-mass-abductions that occured right after the earth itself rose up against us and destroyed our major cities with floods, quakes, lava, storms and fires…

History must never forget the apocalypse of 21st Dec. 2012!

They’re breaking through!! Gotta kill the zombies…

As Time Goes By…

A wee bit over four weeks ago I wrote in in my private Log:

“The leaves of the chestnuttrees are comming out, a few days ago there were only buds, now they are here, soon the blossoms will appear, out of nowhere. Again, like colored cones of blossoms and petals in mmore detail, they will rise out of this new baldachin of green into the night sky above, drenched in strange, lively light by the streetlamp.”

I was right. The blossoms are here now, and just as my memory of last year spring had told me, the strange light of the streetlamp is illuminating the cone of blossoms in a lively way at night. And it reminds me on how fast time passes.

A few have been torn off by the storm two days ago, an army of petals and blossoms wanders around, surrounds your feet with each step.


Those last ten weeks before my son will be born will be over before I know, though right now, it seems like a very long time.

A little update on my writing: I’m hard at it, and much like the chaotic unpredictable movement of the petal waves on the asphalt – the story writhes in my hands and takes its own turns. Still within certain boundaries that I have set forth, but yet things happen that I had not intended originally.

Well. Worse things could happen 😉

Fair day friends,