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Life ain’t that hard, Suggestions

I don’t know if I wrote about this before, or just drafted this shit in my head.
And if I already spewed my poison in this regard, I don’t care – this shit irks me again, right now.

Suggesting shit to people ain’t that hard. It basically boils down to two options:

1.: If you know the fuckers, have spent a lot of time with them, make suggestions based on THEIR taste. Whether that is music, games, movies, TV shows or (god forbid in the 21st century) books, or blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc.!
2.: You find something so outrageously good, you just have to tell other people about it, and suggest they give it a try themselves.

There is no way a soulless, braindead algorithm is able to suggest anything to you, me or anyone else on the planet (or the entire universe), anything. (Unless it is a true AI, in which case the above checklist applies to the true AI as well)

I know these algorithms out there look into what I liked, what I am following, what I bought or claimed I already own, and base their suggestions to me based on their data, but these algorithms are utter, diarrhetic, feces.
They never hit the spot.
Relentlessly they keep barfing out worthless crap after worthless crap, after worthless crap, after worthless crap.
Unrelated in every and any sense to what I like, to what I am following, to what I bought/own(ed).

Dismiss, Dislike, Flag, Report. They keep coming back, but maybe if enough of us tell the people making these algorithms that they made a huge mistake, maybe they’ll stop….or tweak the algorithms until they have a virtual friend AI that truly knows us, and rule 1 applies….

Until then, do not suggest me anything unless rule 1 or rule 2 applies to the fullest!

Take care,

Life ain’t that hard: cooking!


If frozen food has as instructions only comprising of the words “cook until done”, or better yet,  the package of your frozen spaghetti says “Serving suggestion: thaw”, just follow these easy steps:

1 – pour contents from box/bag/package into/onto pan/pot/baking tray.
2 – put on/in/above plate/stove/oven/flame/fusionreactor/whathaveyou.
3 – if necessary/possible stir occasionally until thawed.
4 – stir more frequently once thawed.
5  – if it smells done, give it a few more minutes,
6 – then try a bite
7 – if necessary repeat waiting-trying.
8 – and you’re done.

Print this out if you want, and stick it to your kitchen counter for future reference. But always keep in mind, this comes from a guy who managed to burn soup…